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You Know You've Been Admitted Too Many Times When …

… your conversation with the admitting clerk goes like this:

“You’re going to be admitted to Room 201B.”
“I don’t want to go to 201B.”
“The faucet in the bathroom drips and cold air leaks around the window. Can’t I have like 216 or 217 instead?”
“Those are private rooms. There’s an extra charge for those.”
“How about telemetry? Those rooms are OK.”
“Those are also private rooms. You have stomach pain. There is no medical need for telemetry. We can’t just send you to that floor if you don’t need telemetry.”
“Fine. Now I’m having chest pain.”
[patient’s nurse, who needs to be partially restrained and injected with Ativan upon hearing what transpired] “WHAT!?!?!? She’s going to need a trauma bed if she keeps THAT up.”


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  1. So WC, did you sack up and call BS on the chest pain “complaint” or did you pussy out and sign them up for telemetry?

  2. Wasn’t my patient, so I don’t know the outcome.

    If it were my patient, I probably would have done an EKG and sent her to the medical floor if no ischemia. And I sure as heck would have noted the conversation in her records, too.
    However, I’m sure that upon arriving to the medical floor and continuing to complain of chest pain, the admitting doc would have been pressured to move the patient to telemetry or ICU anyway.

    I’ll have to remember the “sack up” comment, though. Haven’t heard that one before.

  3. Funny conversation.

    Wow – I could not imagine doing that to staff. or myself with extra tests.

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