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Xray Reveals Spooky Cause of Patient’s Back Pain

Abdominal Xray Low Back + Pelvic Pain

A patient came to the ED because he was having lower back and pelvic pain. I ordered the above x-ray of the patient’s pelvis and may have discovered the reason …

When the x-ray was pulled up on the monitor, there was this evil thing staring back at me. It looked like a cross between a big eared bat and a surprised old man with a horn on the left side of his head talking with a cigarette butt hanging out of his mouth.

In reality, the patient’s pain was from prostatitis and the Marlboro Man/bat thing was just a strange outline of the patient’s sacrum, but the picture still gave me and a couple nurses a case of the willies.

Abdominal Xray Evil Cigarette Smoking Bat Eared Man

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  1. Is that better – or worse – than a monkey on his back?

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