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What I Can Tell You Is, “Thanks”

By Birdstrike MDHappy Holidays

I can’t tell you that the “patient satisfaction obsession” is suddenly going to focus on patient health over profits and start being applied fairly to doctors and nurses.

I can’t tell you that someday politicians, administrators and insurance companies will wake up and see things the way you and I do.

I can’t tell you that someday, all the demands for inappropriate medications, tests and treatments will end.

I can’t tell you that all of a sudden the government will stop making cumbersome and nonsensical rules and regulations, stop crushing private practice and start increasing instead of decreasing doctor pay.

I can’t tell you that all of a sudden you are going to stop taking hits in the line of duty for doing the right thing for your patients.

But what I can and will tell you is that I appreciate every time you or any other doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, paramedic or tech laces it up for a shift to take care of the sick and injured.

I can tell you, “thanks” for everyone too sick, too short of breath, dizzy, psychotic, weak, unconscious or too intoxicated to say it or realize it themselves.

I can tell you that I appreciate all the blood, sweat, tears and REM sleep you leave on the floor during your days and nights on the front lines treating the sick, bleeding, broken, bruised, and destitute.

For what it’s worth, you are a hero to many, whether they say it, know it, or not. I’ve been there, done it and still face the same battles.  What you do is not easy. It’s incredibly difficult. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, including yourself. You make a damn big difference to this world.

For anyone who steps up to the plate in an Emergency Department, hospital, OR, or doctor’s office to be there when no one else can or will, to wait for me, my family members, your own friends, enemies or complete strangers to pass out, get run over, to arrest or stop breathing, keep your chin up.

For what it’s worth, you’re a hero to me.

Happy Holidays,

Birdstrike MD





  1. You paint a beautiful picture my friend! Sending this too you ((hugs)).

    • It’s not often that I “paint a beautiful picture,” but if the post made a difference to at least one person, then I’m glad I posted it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Posting this on the ED break room bulletin board.

    We’ll see how long it lasts before one of the clipboard nazis yank it down.

    Oh, and back at ya.

    • Thank you. It was heartfelt and much deserved for those it was intended to reach. (I’d be interested to hear how long it lasts up on your bulletin board. For some reason, the angry rants seem to have a much longer shelf life.)

  3. Thanks for this wonderful validation. I laced up for a 3-11p shift on a dementia unit and am grateful for the nurse assistants who helped.

  4. And in the nursing home, too, and those who still do house calls, or those in the field, among others. It is truly amazing how we all are too often taken for granted. Sometimes we don’t look for anything more than a nod of thanks. Thank you. The MMC hospital staff president sent it out to the entire staff.

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