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Unique Medical Allergies

Had a rather heated discussion a couple of years ago about the difference between allergies and adverse medication reactions, so when patients tell me about strange allergies to medications, most of the time I just smile and move on.

But … while reading through a patient’s typewritten two page list of allergies in a recent emergency department visit, I did come across two allergies that I had never seen before.

Allergy: Colonoscopies. Reaction: Hives
Allergy: Antihistamines. Reaction: Makes breast implants shrink.

There has to be a scholarly paper somewhere in there.


  1. Or at least an excellent story!

  2. What are her breast implants, hives?

  3. In the trauma bay as a 4th year medical student with a 20 year old drunk auto-ped

    Me: Sir, I have to do a rectal exam

    [Perform rectal exam, pt starts cursing]

    Me: Sir, do you have any allergies?

    Patient: Yeah I’m allergic to you a$$hole for sticking your finger in my a$$!

    Me: Patient has no known drug allergies, allergic to medical students only

  4. Hmmm…. Sounds like the colonoscopy issue is versed vs opioid. That said, it’s typically not a true allergy with those, so hey :)

    Antihistamines? That’s a really odd one, though.

  5. That second one is a horrible allergy.

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