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The WhiteCoat Year in Review

I was going to post this yesterday but I got all fired up over the whole Press Ganey thing. Sorry about that.

What has happened in the past year?

My humble little blog has quite a few visitors over the past year. Depending on the source, last year I had between 700,000 and 780,000 unique visits and nearly 1.4 million page views. I just shake my head and say “dang.” That’s a lot of eyeballs. Hopefully that means we’ve been doing something right.

The most popular posts over the past year paralleled the top search terms leading people to this blog.
Ten times as many people linked directly to the home page of my blog than who linked to any specific article. Below are the next most popular posts in order of popularity.
Antibiotics More Harm Than Good For Strep Throat?
FDA: Zofran May Be DEADLY
Doctor’s Work Notes and Medical Ethics
Treating Asthma on the Cheap
Amanda Trujillo
Narcotic “Allergies”
A Death Knell for Press Ganey?
Birdstrike also had several posts in the top 20. Not bad for a noob. ;-). Thanks for the contributions, brother.

There are many search terms that people have used to find my blog.
Quite a few searches were for the blog directly – “white coat call room,” “white coats call room,” “white coat blog,” “whitecoat,” and even my old blog “white coat rants” all were in the top 20 search terms leading to people to this blog.
By far the most common search term referring traffic to this blog was “Zofran.” Type “Zofran” into your favorite search engine and it’s likely my post about how the FDA said that Zofran May Be Deadly is likely on the first page. Here’s a link to the Google search for Zofran.
Another fairly common search item that lands people on this blog is my post about antibiotics potentially being more harm than good for strep throat … from three years ago. “Strep throat antibiotics” and “will strep throat go away on its own” are two searches for which this blog landed on the first Google search page.
Speaking about “Press Ganey”, that search term was the third most common referrer to this blog. Two of my posts are in the top six Google results for the term “Press Ganey”.
Finally, the search term “best states to practice medicine” was also in the top 20, linking to this post. Apparently, there are a lot of doctors thinking about leaving their current state. Would be interesting if I could find out from which states those searches originated.
The strangest search terms landing people on this blog included “squirrel killers”, “getting hit in the balls pain scale,” “the government,” “Ricky Ricardo,” and don’t forget “we pay her nice to try this coat naked“. Of course some perv or group of pervs has been disappointed by clicking on the same “pay her nice” link 63 times in the past month and seeing no skin. Either that or a certain co-blogger with initials BS is being a smart-ass and Google bombing me by clicking on my blog in the Google “pay her nice” search results to raise the results in Google’s search ranks.

The most active commenters were …
1. My archnemesis Matt with 134 comments
2. SeaSpray with 93 comments
3. Birdstrike with 50 comments
4. ThorMD with 48 comments
5. Nurse K with 41 comments
Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the conversations. That’s what this blog is all about.

The most active referring sites were …
erstories.net (thanks, ERP)
overlawyered.com (thanks, Walter)
pjmedia.com (from one post on Instapundit.com – thanks, Glenn)
The stats don’t include EP Monthly links to my blog which also contribute to a large amount of my readership. Every time that EP Monthly mentions one of my Healthcare Updates on its e-mail blasts, my blog hits go up by about 50%. Thanks to Mark and Logan for your support.

Every year I also like to find out how you all think that I’m doing. So I’m asking a favor. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. When I sit back and look at my posts over the past year, I see that I’m ranting less, posting about my family life more, and that I don’t have nearly as many amusing stories about work as I used to. Part of that is because I’ve changed from one full time job to a few part time jobs in different EDs and there just aren’t as many amusing stories. Things just seem a lot less relaxed than they did in the past.
If you have other suggestions for things I could do better (or that I’m doing well now), please leave a note in the comments. Do it anonymously if you want. Or send me an e-mail at whitecoatrants at gmail [.] com if you don’t want others to see your comments. Too many rants? Not enough responses to commenters? Not enough posts? Too snarky? I’m really looking for ways to make this blog better.

I have a few surprises up my sleeve for 2013, so hopefully those will continue keeping you all entertained.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and readership.


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  1. Nancy J Ferguson

    Tried to pick six, but website would only allow one choice

  2. Thanks for the great blog. Keep pointing out absurdities and hypocrisy.
    FYI: Allowed 1 choice, not 6

  3. Archnemesis? I thought we were Frenemies?

    But really, what is Superman without Lex? Batman without the Joker? You want me on that comment list, you NEED me on that comment list!!

    • You do provide an outlet for my creative vitriol. I’ll give you that.
      And I have to give you credit for continuing to fight despite being obviously overwhelmed by my superior intellect.
      I’ve had several people e-mail me over the years asking me if you’re a “plant” so that I can increase my pageviews.
      Any of you out there who have been wondering the same question … definite “no” vote on that one.

      • No, I’m not a plant. I am glad that people check in to read my comments and it helps your pageviews though. It’s good to know truth still has fans in this world.

  4. What I appreciate most about your blog is that you update consistently. Additionally, the varied topics make the blog interesting. I feel that you try to educate as well as entertain your audience. Thanks for writing!

  5. Congrats on the high stats. You’ve got a great blog. :)

    What? I came in second?! ;)

    2012 was an off blogging year for me and I would’ve gone over a hundred says me. There were a lot of posts I wanted to comment on and didn’t get to.

    I appreciate all writing and being educated in here, but I do have a fondness for medical humor posts. And then so much more.

    I also appreciate the comments and conversations – back and forth, etc.

    I look forward to your 2013 surprises.

    Whatever happened with the Amanda Trujillo case?

  6. I’m a frequent reader of your blog and I just want to tell you that to someone like me, who is not in any part of the medical field, your blog is very educational and I appreciate your frequent posts. :)

  7. You’re one of my favorites.

  8. Question about your article on “Antibiotics More Harm Than Good For Strep Throat?” This caught my eye since I was just treated for it. The glands in my lungs were swollen and after taking just 1 antibiotic, I immediately felt relief from the swolleness I had for a few days. How could you say that antibiotics are a placebo? What if the infection had spread without treatment?

    • Because lung infections arent strep throat, you didnt have swollen glands in your lungs and you dont get immediate relief from any sort of antibiotics.

  9. Keep the Birdstrike coming!

  10. Love the Birdstrike. Read him all the time on SDN.


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