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More Fuel For The Vaccine Debate

I saw this table as part of an AM News article about enforcing vaccination laws that was just published a couple of days ago. I don’t intend to start another good/bad vaccination debate. There are two reasons I am posting this table. First, the statistics (if you believe them) show that these diseases are not “harmless” or a “nuisance.” Each of them caused multiple deaths every year. Second, I would like to know how the antivax crowd explains the “ineffectiveness” of vaccines given that the number of cases and the number of deaths from most of these diseases has decreased by up to 100%. No cases of polio whatsoever. Tetanus killed more than 80% of the people who had the infection. Now there are only 4 deaths per year post-vaccine. No deaths from measles, mumps, or rubella where there were almost 500 deaths per year pre-vaccine. Now that less children are being vaccinated, measles is making a comeback. That seems like a very good cause/effect argument to me.

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