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Open Mic Weekend

Just in case anyone was wondering what happened to Open Mic Weekends … If you’re bored with the Super Bowl, you can post any medically-related comments, questions, or observations in the comments section. I’ll try to answer any questions on Monday or Tuesday. As usual, the only rules for comments are that there are no personal attacks and that the comments/questions have to be medically-related.

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Ancient Shaman Ritual

On the way into my shift, I walked by a room and noticed that there was iodoform gauze packing hanging on the sign outside the room. Why was it there? Someone found it on the floor and put it there so no one would trip? Ancient Shaman ritual to ward off evil spirits? Secret code showing the surgeon where his patient had been waiting for the past 6 hours? Nope. Turns out that the patient had a gangrenous foot that strongly smelled like rotting flesh. The iodine from the gauze almost acted as a barrier to the smell spreading. When the patient first arrived, the odor reportedly wafted through the entire ED. By the time I arrived for my shift I only noticed the faint odor of iodine. Of course curiosity got the best of me and I had to open the door to see how well the iodine gauze was working. Gauze … great idea. Opening the door … not so much.

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Sappy Dog Pictures

Just a couple recent pictures of our dogs that made me smile (post title from the late great William the Coroner – he’s been gone for more than a year now) . . . . . . .  

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Picture my vocal cords

Dammit Shadowfax. You had to re-tweet the whole “taking pictures of your larynx with an iPhone” meme, didn’t you? Started with tweet by @traumagasdoc. Then @Shadowfax retweeted it. Then @maggiemay419 got involved. I don’t have an iPhone. I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy which is larger, so it’s a little more of a chore to jam the thing in the back of your mouth. The first time I tried it, my 6-year-old daughter looked at me and yelled “Mom! Dad’s eating his phooone!” After a few dozen tries and several episodes of making myself retch, the best that I could do was a picture of my epiglottis. I angled the phone. I extended my neck. I pulled on my tongue, I used a spoon to push my tongue out of the way. No luck. Best picture is to the right. Tongue is at the bottom of the picture, epiglottis is in middle, trachea is dark area just out of view, back of my throat is at top of picture. @traumagasdoc had a perfect picture. I’m convinced he is a Muppet. Potential idea for an entrepreneur – create a detachable periscope-like mechanism that hooks onto the iPhone camera lens and can re-direct the iPhone’s LED light to use for video laryngoscopy using a smart phone. How cool would that be?

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The WhiteCoat Year in Review

I was going to post this yesterday but I got all fired up over the whole Press Ganey thing. Sorry about that. What has happened in the past year? My humble little blog has quite a few visitors over the past year. Depending on the source, last year I had between 700,000 and 780,000 unique visits and nearly 1.4 million page views. I just shake my head and say “dang.” That’s a lot of eyeballs. Hopefully that means we’ve been doing something right. The most popular posts over the past year paralleled the top search terms leading people to this blog. Ten times as many people linked directly to the home page of my blog than who linked to any specific article. Below are the next most popular posts in order of popularity. Antibiotics More Harm Than Good For Strep Throat? FDA: Zofran May Be DEADLY **MEDICAL BLOG LINKS** Ectoparasitosis Doctor’s Work Notes and Medical Ethics Treating Asthma on the Cheap Amanda Trujillo Narcotic “Allergies” A Death Knell for Press Ganey? Birdstrike also had several posts in the top 20. Not bad for a noob. ;-). Thanks for the contributions, brother.

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Dear Diary

The holidays have been eventful so far. In the “I wish I had my camera ready” department: Driving down the main drag in town where all the stores are located. A man in Clifford the Big Red Dog outfit is walking up and down the street with a sign saying that puppies in the pet store on the corner are $100 off up until Christmas. At the stop light someone sticks his head out the passenger window and starts yelling at Clifford. Clifford keeps walking. Rolled down the window to hear what the guy in the car was saying and heard him yell “don’t buy there – they sell puppies from puppy mills!” Clifford drops the sign, spins around, and gives the motorist two front middle toes. Went to a holiday party and was discussing the economy with a friend. Said that he was having problems with home life. His parents moved out of their house and are living with him in their spare bedroom. His adult son and his son’s fiancée are living in his basement. Another adult son dropped out of school and is living in his attic with a girlfriend. His quote was “I don’t have a home any more … I have a commune.” One of our family members went to the big goldfish bowl in the sky on Christmas Day. The kids won a bunch of goldfish at an amusement park 5 years ago and the goldfish have been part of our family ever since. Flash started swimming upside down a few days before he died. The causes of upside down swimming are apparently related to a swimbladder problem in fish. We treated him with antibiotics for possible infection and gave him peas to combat possible “bloat” since peas are a laxative for fish. Despite antibiotics and peas, Flash died. He had a good life, though. There are sooooo many people showing up in the emergency department over the holidays. Our hospital is packed. Of 26 beds in the emergency department, 19 were being used to board inpatients at one point during my last shift. Makes seeing patients a little more difficult when there’s nowhere to put them. Everyone in the waiting room is wearing masks because most patients are suffering from influenza-like illness. My informal survey of patients is that <10% of patients I treat for influenza symptoms have been immunized for influenza. Both the immunized patients on my last shift were elderly and had mild symptoms compared with their non-immunized counterparts.

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