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Naturally Occurring Phenomena

I see this funny picture over at Dr. Dino’s blog introducing Shlomo, “Rudolph’s first cousin on his mother’s side.” Planning to make it a part of a mixed holiday e-card to send to our friends, I forward it to Mrs. WhiteCoat. Later in the day she comes up to me out of the blue and says: “That was amazing!” Having no idea what she’s talking about, I reply “I know. You told me that last night, too.” “Noooooo, hotshot. The picture you sent me. What are the chances of that happening as a naturally occurring phenomenon?” “You mean the deer?” “Yeah. What are the chances its horns would form that way?” “Ummmm … Honey … have you ever heard of Adobe Photoshop?” “You mean you don’t think that the horns formed that way naturally?” “A two-legged deer with the Star of David on his head. Sure. He probably ‘bleats’ in Yiddish, too. In fact, I heard that picture was taken in the woods right near this other naturally occurring phenomenon ….” Thanks, Dino. Now Mrs. WhiteCoat isn’t talking to me.

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