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Supporting the Blog

With this new blog, I’m planning to take extra time to provide better content.

I’m also going to try to add new functions to the blog. That takes money, so I want to explain how things will change and what you can do to support the blog.

First, there are more links to material. Web sites are given higher rankings based upon how much they engage a user. If you click an inbound link to one article and then leave the site, that’s called a “bounce” and it tells the people who analyze the sites that the material on the site isn’t very interesting. Click more links into the site and the site seems more interesting. I tried to minimize the extra clicks, and I apologize in advance for the extra “clicking” to get to some articles, but it helps raise the blog search engine ranking.
Next, you may notice that when you click on a link outside of the site, such as a Healthcare Update link, the link will pop up in a new window but the blog window will stay open underneath. That’s because the longer that the windows are open on a site, the more that it appears the readers are interested in the site content. A reader on the site for a few seconds makes it appear that the site is boring. Spend 10-15 minutes on the site and things look a lot more interesting.

Then there are the ads. I’m trying not to make things too intrusive, but the ads help pay for hosting and development costs. If I ever get to the point that the income from this site allows me to cut back on my shifts, that will mean I have more time to spend writing.
First, there will be inline text and graphical ads. Clicking on them if you are interested in what is being advertised is great, but don’t just click and immediately close the window. A quick bounce cheats the advertisers and it doesn’t help the sites displaying the ads, either.
Then there will be some affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything, but if you’re planning to purchase something that is offered by any of the advertisers and you get to those sites by clicking my site first, I get a small percentage of the purchase price of the item you buy. I may write about issues and include affiliate links within a post. If that happens, the fact that the links are affiliate links will be clearly noted.
I even included some text links for those of you who block graphic ads.Modal

Some of the advertising gimmicks you won’t see:
Modals – those annoying things that drop down and dim the page you’re viewing, forcing you to stop what you’re doing and dismiss the alert so that you can continue reading. See example at the right. I hate those things. I actually stopped going to a couple of sites that use them.
Pop-ups or pop-unders. The modals of last decade. I hate those things, too.

The e-mail list. It’s a small list, but it will hopefully benefit both of us. Advertisers pay to have their ads included in e-mails. I’ll include links to previous posts and even some original material in the e-mails I send out. I won’t sell or rent the list to anyone and you won’t be spammed by me. One e-mail a week tops. I’ll probably start out twice a month at first.
I hope to have it become a mini-newsletter of interesting material.

So how can readers support this blog?
1. Comment! Be a part of the community. That’s one of the largest reasons I started this blog more almost 8 years ago.
2. Provide me with feedback. If there’s something you think needs changing, let me know. See a cool article on a news site? Send me an e-mail. Had a funny patient encounter? Tell me about it and I can write a story. Or better yet – write the story yourself and I’ll post it.
3. Support the advertisers who support this blog.
4. Sign up for the DrWhiteCoat.com newsletter.
5. Have fun.

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