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Stroke Victim

A 27 year old woman is brought in by ambulance. The call comes in as “patient having a stroke.”

When the patient arrives, she is dressed up with nice clothing, makeup, and high-heel shoes. She looks like she was out at the clubs. In fact, she was drinking at home with her boyfriend and was getting ready to go out to a bar.

Then there was an argument. The patient was able to “feel her blood pressure going up.” She demanded that her boyfriend apologize for the things he said to her. He refused. She sat in a chair, grabbed her head with both hands, and went “unresponsive.” She didn’t “wake up” until she arrived in the emergency department and had no idea what happened.

It must have been a stroke. She was sure of it, because this was her eighth stroke and she was on full disability from all of her other strokes.

Eight strokes at age 27. How horrible.

I did a pretty good neuro evaluation and found nothing abnormal on her exam. No weakness. No speech problems. No coordination issues. Maybe some alcohol on the breath, but no neurologic problems.

Seeing an essentially normal patient in front of me, I asked “Soooooo …. exactly what part of your body was affected by all those strokes you had?”

She looked back at me, rolled her eyes and said “My BRAIN, duh.”

Ooooh. Good one. Obviously your sarcasm center wasn’t affected.

It ended up being a very long night.


  1. Was she on full disability for her being Bipolar?

  2. In the olden days, they called this “hysteria”, not a “stroke”. What did her normal MRI show?

  3. We had a lady who came in saying her hand was numb and thus she was having a stroke. When the doctor saw her, evaluated her, and deemed she had probably just slept on it funny, he ordered some pithy tests to confirm and then went on his way. The lady, however, stayed in the middle of the hall, screaming at everyone who went by that she was “being ignored” and “these people are refusing to treat me”.

    She booked herself a one-way ticket to the psych side of the ward :P

  4. We also have many people that age with “multiple MI’s” . Too bad every cath they’ve ever had is NORMAL. Not even trace disease.

  5. Must be so frustrating for all of you.

  6. It makes me so angry that people I know have had trouble getting on disability with legitimate career-ending degenerative conditions and such and yet it seems like every otherwise-healthy crazy young person on earth got on it with no trouble.

  7. She needs some therapeutic radiation. Maybe from that hosptial in California that was frying people because of some whackjob CT tech.

  8. Conversion D/O…aka hysteria

    R/O Borderline Personality D/O

  9. Kipper, I’m with you 100%. My husband has real medical conditions – well documented – and was turned down for disability even though the doctors told Social Security that he was disabled. How do these wackjobs do it?? I want to know, so I can tell my husband how to do it…………

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