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Sign of The Times

The comment thread just died down on the post about filming the birth of babies. Then a real-life example occurs in our emergency department.

Tell me that the following scenario would have even taken place five years ago:

A patient’s mother completely freaked out on one of our nurses because her child wasn’t getting Demerol for her chronic back pain. So she holds her iPhone up to the nurse’s face and says …

“Smile, bitch, you’re going on YouTube!”

I told the nurse to call the police, but she wouldn’t do it.

I tried finding the video by doing a search for “advanced techniques for enabling drug seeking children” but apparently the video hadn’t been posted yet.


  1. a) She owns an iphone. If it doesn’t have a huge “Upload to YouTube” button, she sure as hell doesn’t have the tech brains to figure it out.
    b) 99% of Youtube videos get next to no views.
    c) Why bug the nurse…only the doc can write the script anyways.

  2. If she called the police, what could she saw was the crime?

    • Invasion of privacy?
      One of the advantages of helping out the police in town is that they are more likely to return the favor when you need help.

  3. and now you can take a picture of security as they escort you out…

  4. Wow. That’s a true case of CRAYZEE. Congrats.

    Chronic back pain can be a very fast dispo…a friendly reminder for you, WhiteCoat. “Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain, follow-up with your doctor for further management.”

    • Press Ganey scores: 1 out of 5 across the board.

      Just don’t miss the cauda equina syndrome or the epidural abscess or the cancer met.

      • Epidural abscess is usually focal, severe and not chronic. They usually have a look to them to that a seasoned doctor would not mistake for chronic lumbago.

      • True.
        Now let’s say that a patient with chronic back pain and who has a rap sheet three pages long on the state controlled drug prescription database starts popping heroin because he can’t get enough Percocets and develops an acute epidural abscess.
        How many seasoned doctors are going to overcome the “crying wolf” phenomenon when the patient has been coming in with 10 of 10 back pain for the past 3 years?
        I would respectfully disagree that any of the issues I mentioned above are not easy to miss in chronic back pain patients.

  5. In a town near me, a customer did $10,000 of damage to a towing office after said customer received a $200 towing bill, because she was too dumb to stay out of a blizzard. A news camera team happened to film the whole thing.

    I believe they said $10,000 of damages is a felony in Michigan, and that person has a history of violence and felonies.

  6. I really hate that people can invade your privacy like that.

    Unbelievable that a person could be so rude and demanding and not to mention the drug thing.

    And what a horrible example as a parent.

    Hey WC, Where was that trusty camera when you needed it? Picture war! ;)

  7. “Smile bitch, you’re going on my blog.” ;)

    • If only we could say things like that …

      • Not only should we be able to say such things, we should be able to have her ass kicked by our goons, and her camera smashed. To deter and to teach the scum of the earth frequenting ER’s some manners.

        The lawyer protects only evil. Why? Evil generates massive government make work sinecures. And government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the criminal cult enterprise that is the rent seeking lawyer profession, history’s greatest criminal syndicate. Victims and decent people generate nothing, and may rot.

  8. Why do health care staff have such a problem ensuring their own privacy and safety?

    In the very least, mum should have been escorted out by security.

  9. Wht did the nurse refuse to call the police ?
    Firing time !

  10. Someone to call with far more powers, dictatorial and otherwise, than the police, and with absolute immunity for the doctor exercising clinical judgment.

    Child welfare authorities.

    Demerol for children sounds abusive and a threat to safety. They have the power to remove children without due process.

    Loss of the child would be a memorable ER experience for this mother.

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