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Schadenfreude: Florida Leads The US In Primary Care Physician Shortages

I can’t help my feelings of schadenfreude when I happened to see a graph at the Kaiser Family Foundation noting that Florida has the largest shortage of primary care physicians in the United States. Only 42% of Florida’s overall need for primary care physicians has been met. Runner up California was a distant second.

Florida Highest In Physician Shortages

Why do I continue to get satisfaction from Florida’s troubles? It goes to show that states reap what they sow when they create policies to attack medical providers.

When Florida’s Senator Bill Nelson whines that Florida “desperately needs more doctors“, maybe he should discuss with Governor Rick Scott why Florida has chosen to implement so many unfriendly policies toward physicians.

I’ve been keeping a separate page with some of the reasons why physicians should avoid going to Florida to practice medicine.

Here are a few reasons:

Florida voters changed the Florida Constitution so that if a physician loses three malpractice cases, the physician’s license is automatically revoked.
Florida used to cap non-economic damages in malpractice cases. Not any more. Florida’s Supreme Court recently struck them down (.pdf file). News article from the Tampa Bay Times here.
Florida voters also created a Constitutional Amendment that makes peer-review documents related to adverse events discoverable in lawsuits.
Florida is perennially on the list of Judicial Hellholes.

When medical providers begin searching for the best places and worst places to practice medicine, Florida definitely is one of the worst. Don’t practice medicine in Florida.

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