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Reasonable Conclusion?

When, over the period of 10 minutes, medical personnel hear the following statements from an elderly patient:

1. “You come any closer to me, I’m going to stick my boot up your a** so far, I’ll come out with a bare foot,”
2. “Up your a** with a meat cleaver,” and
3. [While making sure that the patient has a steady gait] “Stop following me. Next thing I know, you’ll be sticking something in my a**,”

is it reasonable to conclude that the patient has not passed the Second Stage in Freud’s Psychosexual Development Model?

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  1. Obviously you are treating Red Foreman.

  2. Refer him to a proctologist?

  3. sounds like enough reasons to send him to gray bar hotel… see ya, pal !~!

  4. Weird, what was my father in law doing there at your hospital?

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