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Open Mic Weekend

I got the message.

OK, everyone, what’s on your mind?

Leave questions, comments, opinions, and any other medically-related comments below and I will get to them on Monday or Tuesday.

Remember, no personal attacks.


  1. Mini-rant

    When the ED calls a code STEMI/MI/heart/whatever your institution calls it when someone has an ST elevation MI in the ED…if you work in the cath lab, please stay there and we will have the patient to you in a jiffy. Please don’t come down to the ED.

    Every time I have called one of these (even outside of my home institution) there is always this swarm of people in scrubs caps and lead that comes rushing down and they do nothing but cause more chaos and ultimately slow the patient’s exit to the cath lab.

    No, the patient does not need their groin shaved in the ED, you can do that in the cath lab. No, the patient does not need 5 more people asking them their pain scale or whether they feel safe at home or whatever asinine questions you want to ask them. They will be in your cath lab post-haste if you will just get out of the way.

    One of my internal medicine friends heard about this and proposed that Early Groin Directed Shaving (pronounced EGADS!) may actually benefit patient outcomes in the ED and should be further studied.

    • I agree. Let’s swarm someone having a massive MI to make them more stressed and nervous. Adrenaline is always good for the irritable heart….

  2. and stop coming down to the ED to ask when was the last time they ate! it doesn’t matter! LOL

  3. When will everything be fixed? I tried to resolve everything months ago? I have clearly communicated expectations. I don’t understand the delay?

  4. This has been a futile, unprofessional and unlawful exercise. It has done nothing more but to hinder progress in research. I expect internal resolution and remedy.

    • This has completely turned me off to emergency medicine. I am disappointed in the abusive attitudes that serve to harm hospital staff annd students, and this is supposed to be the health profession? I am not surprised fewer people care to enter the medical profession when the profession itself fails to act responsibly and ethically. When doctors lie to students and patients, everyone loses. I now understand the deep-rooted distrust patients have because they don’t know whether the doctor is going to experiment on them or exploit them for a profit. The incompentence and ignorance of safety is tolerated for hierarchical purposes, and the consequences are disheartening and a dis-service to public health.

      • I have been overly gracious in my patience. I am disappointed that such illegitimate and inappropriate requests have been made, as well as in the unprofessional response to my important concerns. Such poor judgment reflects poorly on the hospital as well as the school. I expect immediate corrections.

      • Huh? Nothing you have written makes any sense at all.

      • Put on your big boy panties and grow a pair kid !
        We deal with incredible abuse of us everyday and if you are this thin skinned, you don’t belong in Medicine.
        Go to Law School and become a Public Defender !

  5. Doctors should not lie to students or patients about the purpose of a study. Admins should not abuse their position of power by intentionally breaking the law for a profit.

  6. Have you ever noticed that no one in the ER says ” nursing home nurse” or ” Home Health Nurse” without putting the adjective ” F#@$ing” first ?
    Send me a rectal bleed at 3 AM that’s been going on FOR WEEKS ???!!!
    God speed the plow !

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