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  1. That’s great! I may have to print that for the ER. Love your blog…….

    Thanks :-)

  2. you mean they could actually stop?!

  3. My physician-father always said that nurses are the real backbone of America’s health care system. “You can’t run an efficient hospital without nurses,” he once told me. “And there are no nurses in hell. Unfortunately, I can’t make the same statement about doctors.”

    So true. Keep up the great work WhiteCoat.

    Greg Kelly
    Physicians’ Financial News


  4. Brilliant. Laughter improves everything immeasurably.

  5. Oh if you guys would actually say that! And maybe disable the call light while you’re at it…
    This is going up on the locker room wall!


  6. There is a poster I see in tacky gift stores alot that says:
    Do you want to talk to the man in charge or the woman who knows what is going on.

    I was in hospital recently and saw the poster in the nurses station with man scored out and replaced with doctor and woman scored out and replaced with nurse.

  7. This now hangs at our Doc’s desk.Thanks for the visual aide!

    My pleasure. Have to post more of them if everyone likes them this much.

  8. It’s a funny cartoon, but the editor in me can’t help cringing at the misplaced modifier. The caption should read: “I can give you only one hour to live …etc.”

  9. Haha!

    That made my day… er, night! Thanks Doc!

    I live for Nurse Toons by the way ;-)


  10. Funny, but the editor in me hopes that you got permission from the copyright owner to republish this cartoon, since it’s probably how she or he makes a living.

  11. Very funny! :)

    Dr Keagirl over at Urostream recently posted about a grumpy pt would probably have to die. Seems nothing elevates his mood.

  12. That patient looks like my exhusband. Hmmmm, maybe he deserves to die…..not that I’m bitter or anything.

  13. I see that too many editors and not enough people who can just relax and laugh give WhiteCoat a tiresome comment thread.

  14. But if it weren’t for comments, you’d have no venue to demonstrate your moral superiority so eloquently! ;)

  15. thanks–needed that!

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