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Now See Here

I’m hoping that everyone enjoyed the evening last night.
We went out for dinner and, under the influence of sake, I bet each of my kids $10 that they wouldn’t be awake past midnight. I lost $40.

Was also getting text messages from several people working in the emergency departments describing how crazy things were getting.

An example is paraphrased below.

When a drunk and belligerent [patient] is brought in by police after his girlfriend’s husband beats the snot out of him, is it OK to chart that visual acuity is fine when he is able to read “DO” from my name badge and ask for a “real doctor”?

I see a new blogger in the making.

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year’s Day!


  1. Ahaha… I would read the heck out of that blog.

  2. Clearly visual acuity has been compromised based on his statement! ;)

  3. Absolutely yes. I would document “able to read 1 cm letters at 18 inches.” Just like I documented today “having a pseudoseizure while steadily walking to the bathroom without assistance”.

  4. And of course, there was the taxi driver who drove himself into the ER this morning asking for a breathlyzer to see if it was safe for him to go to work today. I love my job.

  5. Happy new year, WC!

  6. Oh yes, the “real doctor” line…my personal favorite was the patient who asked me why a chiropractor was seeing her in the ED.

    I blame the AOA…

  7. Well, he’ll find out that DO’s can order B-52’s also.

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