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Naturally Occurring Phenomena


I see this funny picture over at Dr. Dino’s blog introducing Shlomo, “Rudolph’s first cousin on his mother’s side.”

Planning to make it a part of a mixed holiday e-card to send to our friends, I forward it to Mrs. WhiteCoat.

Later in the day she comes up to me out of the blue and says:

“That was amazing!”
Having no idea what she’s talking about, I reply “I know. You told me that last night, too.”
“Noooooo, hotshot. The picture you sent me. What are the chances of that happening as a naturally occurring phenomenon?”
“You mean the deer?”
“Yeah. What are the chances its horns would form that way?”
“Ummmm … Honey … have you ever heard of Adobe Photoshop?”
“You mean you don’t think that the horns formed that way naturally?”
“A two-legged deer with the Star of David on his head. Sure. He probably ‘bleats’ in Yiddish, too. In fact, I heard that picture was taken in the woods right near this other naturally occurring phenomenon ….”


Thanks, Dino. Now Mrs. WhiteCoat isn’t talking to me.

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  1. hmmm white coat sounds lile if you can get anywhere near the mrs. you’d better be extra amazing. I knew it was phony..nobody photographs a 12 point buck they shoot it.

  2. I’ve got one word for you: JEWELRY.

  3. I count four legs.

  4. אוי אלוהים! מאוד מצחיק!

  5. Remember that post, waaaaay back when, about cleaning nekkid being an aphrodisiac?

    Get to scrubbin’. Just watch out for bleach and lye splatters.

  6. Dont let your wife read Dumb Medicine either.

  7. come on… you obviosuly made the first part of the conversation up, no way you had sex that night! ;)

  8. I was right! I knew it all along, mountains cannot be that white. Man, what will they think of next.

  9. I am continually smiling/chuckling at this post. Great all the way around. Thanks! :)

  10. Hee Hee….nows the time to hone your groveling skills, unless you plan to be celibate for awhile…..

  11. Fortunately for me, the heat went out in the house and my darling isn’t as adept at taking care of such things as I am. So she had to talk to me when no one would come out to fix the furnace.
    You know I love you, right deer? Er, um, dear.

  12. LMAO!!!

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