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Miscellaneous Quotes

Two quotes overheard recently in the department.

Quote #1: Nurse talking on the phone said “Don’t worry, sometimes anal can be a good thing.”
Quote #2: Female tech in room with male patient said “You just put it in the hole and I’ll do the rest. Don’t worry, I’ll hold it there.”

Get your minds out of the gutter.

The nurse was talking to another nurse who called to the emergency department because she couldn’t remember whether the patient received one or two doses of antibiotics before being sent to the floor. The floor nurse was apologizing because she was being so “anal compulsive.”

The tech was holding a urinal for an elderly stroke patient.

Don’t feel bad. Most of the people in the ED were laughing, too.

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  1. Undoubtedly, they all got it in the end.

  2. Very funny! :)

    It happened to me with a male nurse and an ear thermometer.

    Also very funny conversation …even on our side of the curtain ..but could only imagine what roommate thought. Ha ha! :)

  3. Oh boy don’t even get me started on some of the gutter quotes from a chemistry lab a while back involving a flask, some rubber tubing, and a stepper-nozzle vacuum pump.

    Some people of course think innuendo jokes are crass and shouldn’t be said in public but I think they’re a great way to lighten the mood or make fun of an otherwise boring task (like a chemistry lab where we were drying a precipitate).

  4. Bwhahaha, yep. I live in a house with a 12 year old-she would be in heaven sitting where she could hear that. I’m 37 and so would I…sigghhh..

  5. One of our ICU nurses was taking care of a gentleman who was hard of hearing. She was about to check his blood sugar and he couldn’t hear her so she grabbed his finger and shouted “little prick!”. He shouted back that she was holding his finger!

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