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Meet Babs Bunny

A dad brought his 15 year old daughter in because she had missed her menstrual period the past week. He kept her home from school for three days because he wanted to see if the period had just decided to show up late.

Alas, after 5 extra days, no period was forthcoming.

The young girl’s pregnancy test was …. positive.

When the nurse told the father that his daughter was pregnant, he wigged out.

“You mean she’s having a baby NOW!?!?”

No, sir, the gestation in humans is 9 months not 35 days. You’re thinking of rabbits.

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  1. $1 at the dollar store vs $1000 ED visit. Gotta love it. And yes I see people coming in for a pregnancy test just about every day.

  2. They come to the emergency room because their “insurance” (read public assistance or Medicaid)will pay for it.

  3. More likely, the girl swore up and down that she had never had intercourse. So dad (who may or may not have believed her) took her to the ED to find out what was really wrong.

  4. I don’t get the keeping her home rationale. ?

    Yes – 1 dollar at the dollar store. or a bit more in walmart or pharmacy.

    If only other tests were so easy to do for ourselves. Think of the time and money saved. :)

  5. It’s a bit difficult for a father to administer a pregnancy test to a teenager who isn’t interested in cooperating.

    The keeping her home was probably keeping her away from the boyfriend. As usual, there are probably a cascade of nuances we aren’t hearing.

  6. This guy was keeping track of his daughter’s PERIODS? Either he knows she’s up to something, or HE has been up to something with her.

  7. We would refuse to do a test if the patient has no symptoms…will advise him to take her to her doctor.
    Also, the test results are protected, it is between the EP and the patient, if the patient wants to keep them confidential, we will have to tell dad that we cannot discuss his daughter’s possible pregnancy with him…unlesss she consents.

    • I agree. I’ve had plenty of teens with a positive “rabbit test” who declined to tell their parents. And I can’t/won’t disclose in those cases. Did the girl in this case consent to the test and to reveal the results to dad?

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