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Medical Pictures

This page contains medical pictures of x-rays, CT scans, patient presentations, and even medical pictures from outside of the hospital. I’ll slowly be adding additional medical pictures I’ve taken throughout my career. The pictures aren’t high resolution on the site for storage and bandwidth reasons, but I have high-resolution copies of most of the pictures.

You are free to use these low-resolution images for your personal purposes or lectures as long as you reference this site as the source of the pictures you use. If you’d like a higher resolution image or want to use the images for a commercial project, please e-mail me at whitecoatrants [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you have interesting medical pictures that belong to you and that you’d like include on this site, please e-mail them to me along with any attribution you’d like me to include with the pictures. You retain full copyright to anything you submit provided that you agree to allow posted copies of the picture to be used for personal and teaching purposes.