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iPhone SpyPhone

I don’t use the iPhone and don’t want one, but for those who do use them … look at how much data it stores about you.

This guy even teaches people how to recover information from the iPhone – including keystrokes, pictures, address book entries, call history, image maps, browser cache, and deleted voicemails.

Moral of the story – if you plan to crank call the president, use a disposable phone.

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  1. I hate the invasion of privacy that we are subjected to in so many ways.

    I read an article last night about a detergent company in Brazil putting tracking devices in their product so that they can find the people at their residence to give them a prize for a promotion they are doing.

    I think that’s creepy!

    Really …today ..there are so many ways to invade someone’s privacy and I don’t see it changing.

  2. It’s the exact same thing now with mobile devices and the internet. There was a time when no one would use anything that would track where they were at all times, or have the ability to record everything they did. Nowadays it seems that forking that privacy over is a prerequisite.

    I do get a laugh though at all the 30-pluses out there who think they’re being hip by facebooking and twittering (I can already hear the decries of “I’m only keeping in touch with old friends blah blah”). You’d expect 20 year olds to be dumb with privacy but it’s pretty bad when even the “old folks” are doing it too.

  3. Eh. I FB, and Twitter occasionally. But I know better than to put anything on there that others should not be privy to. I am 46. At some point, as we move forward with all the technology, I can guarantee that I will also make a move going backward into the dark snail type days.

    And this is merely because the gov’t has now seen fit to acquire anything at will on an individual’s computer without due process.

    For all the left minded thinkers who whined about FISA and the tapping of internationally linked terrorists, not one of them have whined about this. It’s going to suck to be those who have put their heads willfully in the sand only to pretend they are on a beach having a beer when they become part of *that* reality.

  4. Dr,
    Does retrieving information also apply to the iTouch too? My understanding is an iTouch is the same as the iPhone without the phone part.

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