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The FDA just issued a news release urging consumers to stop using HydroxyCut products, noting that some products were “associtated with” liver injuries. Iovate, the manufacturer, has agreed to recall all HydroxyCut products.

Out of millions of doses of HydroxyCut sold, there were 23 reports of “serious health problems” “associated with” the use of the product, ranging from jaundice to elevated liver enzymes to permanent liver damage resulting in a liver transplant. There was also one death from liver failure.

I keep putting the “associated with” in quotes because we have to be very careful about how we interpret the terms we use.
Almost all people who die from asthma have probably used an inhaler shortly before their death. That means that use of asthma inhalers is “associated with” deaths from asthma. Can we say that asthma inhalers caused death in those patients? If so, we need to take asthma inhalers off the market.
Many people who die in hospital emergency departments are brought by ambulances. Ambulance use is therefore “associated with” deaths in the hospital emergency department. Do ambulances cause death? Should we stop EMS transports immediately?
Paying taxes is associated with increased … aww nevermind. You get the picture.

So is this FDA warning a bunch of hooey or has Iovate been slipping the general public a Mickey all these years?

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  1. Yeah … no. This is _liver damage_ associated with HydroxyCut use. Pretty straightforward. And that’s not what “slipping a Mickey” means either, dood.

    • I’m sure your liver is fine Rebecca. Just throw out the rest of your HydroxyCut products like everyone else and be an a true American and wait for the TV lawyers to form their class-action lawsuit (save those receipts) so you can get your $100 while the lawyer buys his new house, car, and boat.

  2. Fun with associations–every single person who ate bread prior to 1902 is now dead or seriously ill. BREAD KILLS!!! :-)

  3. From the general consumer’s standpoint, perhaps it’s better that this product is being pulled from the shelves. Hydroxycut is nothing more than an over hyped caffeine pill (in other words, for most people it does nothing in terms of weight loss!)

    I’ve known a bunch of people who’ve tried it and that’s seems to be the consensus amongst them and other gym-goers who I know.
    [That said, I’ve heard from some people that once ephedra was yanked from the Hydroxycut formula, the product lost it’s effectiveness–but that’s a different discussion].

    On the topic of associations, what else were the people who’ve came down with the symptoms of “liver disease” taking simultaneously/before they took hydroxycut?t There are some OTC products that can easily damage the liver which readily come to mind.

  4. How did the FDA determine that it was the hydroxycut and not the anabolic steroids that were also being used in the patients with the elevated liver enzymes.

  5. Wait till the associated adverse sequlae and mortality stats come out when bariaric surgery really takes off. Gonna make hydroxycut side effects look like a walk in a park. Really people there ain’t no quick fix to weight loss. Who knows maybe they’re washing it dowm with some bud lights or jack and coke. Probably a bad “drug” but it’s like the old snake oil…somebody’s gonna want it no matter the claim is preposterous. Human nature never changes only the crazy things we do and want.

  6. here’s a novel idea for weight loss-
    try burning more calories (via exercise) than you consume (via food intake). never heard of liver damage from that method…

    • If you take that equation to its rediculous extreme you have…anorexia nervosa and all its dangerous effects.

      Gee, will the trial lawyers then sue us for recommending wt. loss because someone went overboard and died of anorexia???

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