A patient comes in for evaluation of left flank pain. In her urine sample, the nurse finds a small brown pebble.

Nurse, holding small plastic cup with stone inside: “Looks like I found what was causing your pain! That looks like a kidney stone!”
Patient: “Well, maybe … but I do have a cat, you know.”

Sometimes I wish that there were cameras in the rooms so that I could see my own confused looks.


  1. Talking to some patients makes my head hurt- I can literally feel the convolutions in my brain flattening out.
    I find huffing pure O2 helps.

  2. Soooo …she eats cat litter?

    Yes …a camera in the room and then put together a collage of reactions for viewing. Including the guy who witnessed the squirting milk across the room. Hang out together in the break room …a little popcorn …a lot of laughter… that video would be better than a Saturday night at the movies – PRICELESS! :)

    Or create a video game. Record patient statements (also staff reactions for the fun of it) – then see who can guess what they were talking about. keep score and have a fun little prize at the end for the one who has the most correct answers. :)

    • That’s what I thought as well. No idea what a kidney stone actually looks like, but cat litter in clay form can look like jagged little pebbles.

  3. maybe she thought it fell out of her underwear.

  4. I think she heard “kitty stone”

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