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Helloooo … ooo … ooo [echo]

Lots of cobwebs in here. Heck. I don’t even recognize the new WordPress control panel.

So I made a New Year’s resolution that I’ve already broken. I resolved to post once a week on this blog of mine. Here we are at Week 2 and … nothing.

I counted. I have 24 pieces of paper sitting in a file on my desk with posts just waiting to be written. People have sent me stories to post and I’ve not been very good at checking e-mails, either. I’ve got another dozen or so half-written posts in an Evernote account. That’s enough for almost a year if I do one post a week. So what’s the holdup?

I thought long and hard about why I stopped writing. The root cause of the problem was that I like writing about policy. What I think we should do in medicine and why. But writing a compelling post about a single topic sometimes takes all day. Time isn’t on my side in that regard. Family. Work. Disaster after disaster. But I miss writing.

So I decided that instead of taking all day to write about a specific topic, I’d treat the blog kind of like an extended Twitter account. Twitter gets on my nerves any more. Yes, I agree that Donald Trump is a jerk. I don’t need a running account of his alleged inherently evil actions from every person who was upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election. Spend your energy on things more productive than the “Tweet” button. Give the guy a chance and see what he can do for the country.

So I’ll just post short thoughts about things that cross my mind. Progress on health goals. Throw in some patient stories. Policy issues if I get motivated and have the time. Bring back the Open Mic days to see what’s on everyone else’s minds. I’m dictating things into voice recognition on my phone while driving. I tried it a couple of times and it works OK. Need to do quite a bit of spell checking, but it works. If nothing else, you’ll get some new #Dragonisms. I’m going to clean up the site a little too. When I get more time. There are a lot of old blogs to get off the “Links” page and a lot of new ones to add.

What pushed me over the edge to get back to the keyboard was someone who just wrote me an e-mail thanking me for what I do for doctors. Here I am thinking I don’t do much of anything. But people apparently enjoy reading stories and they like someone who will write about what many people are afraid to write about. As in … how’s that Press Ganey bullshit going lately?

We’ll see how this New Year’s resolution pans out. Don’t expect a lot … all three of you who still check this blog once in a while. At least I took the first step.

Second step: My first patient post already written up. Check back tomorrow.


  1. I always read and enjoy your posts, and I appreciate your taking the time to write them. Forget your resolution. Nothing takes the pleasure away from something you enjoy more quickly than feeling obligated to do it. I’m just an average person on Medicare — an average person who’s currently in good health. I read lots of medical things to try and stay informed. I’m very much in the “less is more” and “all things in moderation” group. Medicine is sort of like (but not nearly as bad as) political postings — there’s so much chaff with the wheat. Thanks for what you do.

    • Thanks for the encouragement.
      The thing is that I *enjoy* writing. So it’s more of a resolution to do something I enjoy. While at the same time getting out of bad habits that waste time – like laying in bed and watching news for an hour before I get up and like surfing all the news sites and Reddit for an hour or more before I get to work. So I’m setting up news feeds for the sites that interest me, using a Pomodoro timer on my phone to limit morning news to 20 minutes and trying to get more work done. Like I said, we’ll see how it goes. :-)

  2. Welcome back!! I really enjoy your writing, no matter how brief or sporadic.

  3. Hi, welcome back.
    I know we did not always see eye to eye but I enjoyed (enjoy) your writing.
    Keep it up.

    Please though, stop using your phone while driving. ;-)

    • Writing a blog wouldn’t be much fun if everyone agreed with me. I like the discussions and you’ve always been a gentleman about it, so no need to feel bad.
      I dictate into a microphone, so it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Trust me, I see enough accident victims to keep me from paying much attention to the phone while driving.

  4. If you don’t feel like writing, don’t.
    Nobody’s gonna die.

    But when you feel like it, go with it.

    If most writers would discipline themselves to only writing quality, rather than quantity, the world (or the Internet, which is mostly the same thing) would be a better place.

    Writing every week is a metric, not a standard.
    Not writing crap is a standard.

    I’ll take standards over metrics any day.

    And welcome back.

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