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Healthcare Update – 12-23-2015

Patients gone wild. Man shot and killed in UCLA Medical Center emergency department after attacking police and attempting to grab officer’s gun.

Jenny McCarthy, call your office! At-risk patient nearly dies from streptococcal infection after failing to get immunizations.

Another example of how insurance for medical care and access to medical care are completely unrelated. Massachusetts has one of the highest rates of insured patients in the country, but emergency department visits for mental health issues are skyrocketing, 76% of emergency department visits are for care after the 9-5 hours of most providers, and 60% of consumers with ER visits were unable to get a visit as soon as needed to prevent an ER visit.
But at least the patients have INSURANCE!

Should patients be able to record their surgeries? Sure. Just as soon as everyone can record their court hearings without paying gobs of money for a court reporter, as soon as everyone can record all deliberations of Supreme Court justices, as soon as everyone can record all private discussions with their attorneys, and as soon as everyone can record all the conversations that their legislators make with lobbyists.
Why should some procedures be secretive while others have open access?

I don’t always agree with Megan McArdle, but she’s spot on with this article. There’s no miracle cure for health care costs. Money quote:

Doctors, hospitals, other providers don’t care about the prices for individual services. They care about whether they can cover their costs. If you drive down the price of one thing very low, other prices may rise to compensate. If you look at just some of the prices, you may seem to have won a great victory on health-care costs. But if you look at aggregated spending, you may still find that you are losing the war.

Medical costs will always be a game of mousetrap and mouse. When the mice can no longer find enough food, they either leave or they die.

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