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Healthcare Update — 12-10-2012

You know the ED? No. The OTHER ED. Yeah. That. The one that you get, not the one that you go to.
Well it turns out that researchers did a study comparing men with chronic periodontitis to men without chronic periodontitis and they found that men who had chronic periodontitis were more than 3 times as likely to have ED as were those without chronic periodontitis.
Remember, this is only a correlation. There could be lots of intervening factors that I’m just going to leave alone right now.
It would be interesting if the study included those who wear dentures, also. In that way they could determine whether the presence of teeth or the presence of bacteria were more likely to account for the findings.

That stuff running from your nose every time you bend over may not be boogers … it could be spinal fluid. Amazing University of Arizona surgeons cured this problem with minimally invasive surgery rather than cutting into the patient’s skull.

A medicine “visionary’s” view of seven things that allegedly frighten physicians about Obamacare. I disagree with several of them and others were occurring long before Obamacare was concocted.
By the way, doc, the number “6” comes between 5 and 7. If there’s one thing I can’t stand about people who can’t count, it’s that they don’t pay attention to detail and they confuse their readers.

When the cure is worse than the disease … fighting bedbugs. Several people dying from pesticide overdose – although using 18 foggers in your home over a two day period probably exceeds the manufacturer recommendations.
Maybe some brainiac DA will file murder charges against the owner of the store who sold the woman all the insecticide. That’s about how bizarre things are getting in this world lately.
Great. Now I’m itching.

North Carolina’s Southeastern Regional Medical Center tells all you influenza patients to stay the hell away. They want only the real emergencies to go to their emergency room.

Putting DNA testing to new use. If you want to go all CSI on your partner to see if he or she is cheating on you, there’s now a company that will test dirty underwear to see whether there is more than one set of DNA on them. If so, consumers can pay extra to see whether the DNA is from someone outside the relationship.
Great for Jerry Springer moments, but if you have that little trust in your relationship, then you need to do one of three things: talk frankly with your partner, get some couples counseling, or just exit the relationship.
Think about it. Will finding that your partner doesn’t have extraneous underwear DNA make you suddenly feel all warm and snuggly toward him or her? There’s more to it than the DNA.

New Zealand doctor orders that patient receive entire bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label through an NG tube … and saves patient’s eyesight. True story. Can you “House” wannabes guess the cause of the patient’s blindness before clicking the link?

University of New Mexico may be stuck with paying out $120 million in damages for various medical malpractice lawsuits after admitting that it did not give the “newest” drug therapies to children with leukemia. Not much information available on internet searching, but it would be nice to see whether there were any cognizable damages from the medical decisionmaking that the doctors presumably made when deciding not to use the medications.
Of course if UNM did provide the newest therapies and the children suffered a side effect from the medication, then UNM would be sued for that, too.
Fear the bad outcome.

If you need a breath mint, you might just have colon cancer. Study shows that certain patterns of “volatile organic compounds” in one’s breath are able to detect colorectal cancer with accuracy greater than 75%. That whole “dogs smelling when their owners have cancer” meme just made a whole lot more sense, didn’t it?

If you want to know what type of bacteria are in your gut, there’s an app for that. No, wait. Wrong fad. You can send a stool sample to the American Gut project to see your intestinal biome. You can also test mouth flora and you can test flora of your pets, too. This may sound gross to many people, but I have believed for a long time that many human ailments are caused by dysbiosis. I’ll also go out on a limb and say that I believe that dieting is as much about changing the intestinal flora as it is about limiting calories. My hypothesis is that certain bacteria tend to cause humans to absorb more calories or to secrete different hormones that affect weight. Ever lose weight while on a course of antibiotics? Is Atkins diet ketogenesis itself a cause of weight loss or is it a change in bacterial flora due to different food intake? Do cancer patients lose weight from cachectin secretion or is it a change in bacterial flora in their guts due to tumor or chemotherapy?
All this is so fascinating to me. And I am sooooo signing up for this study.
Who knew people could get this excited over what amounts to dirty diapers?


  1. Of course I guessed the Dx on the pt who got the Johnny Walker per NG. Why waste the high priced stuff? Bargain store vodka would have done the same thing at 1/4 the cost.

  2. What does a cerebral spinal fluid leak look like.

    Only reason I ask, is 3 or 4 times a year, I get a yellowish watery fluid leak out of my nose.

    History, when I was a kid, I got hit across the bridge of my nose. Family doctor at the time didn’t think it was worth his time to even xray it. Had battle sign for almost a month. Years later, a Navy doctor asked me when I broke my nose, he noticed the deviated septum.

    So is it possible to have a basal fracture, that only occasionally leaks, for almost 40 years?

  3. WC misstates what happened in New Mexico, per usual with his agenda. It’s actually not quite as simple as he claims:



    It appears there was quite a dispute between the director of UNM’s pediatric oncology department and the physicians who worked under her about the care and the marketing of the care the kids were receiving. The director ultimately gave up her license.

    The alleged fear of the bad outcome had little to do with this.

  4. a “visionary” from FauxNews? ha! and clinics need to be closed for months to implement EMRs? that was not done at the facility i worked at nor the one i utilize for my health care. hyperbole at it’s best.

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