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Healthcare Update — 09-13-2012

Kentucky man goes into surgery for a circumcision, leaves surgery without a penis. The urologist stated that the patient’s genitals were “cancer ridden”, that no living tissue was present, and the patient consented to additional procedures at the doctor’s discretion. The patient claims the doctor should have delayed the procedure and allowed the patient to get a second opinion.Another problem with digital medical records … Hackers break into surgical practice’s EMR, encrypt all records, then leave ransom note demanding money for the password. Is this considered a HIPAA violation? After all, the records are secure.

Washington DC patient settles $20 million lawsuit after he was mistakenly diagnosed with HIV. Appellate court ruled that patients who are given incorrect information about a life-threatening illness from their doctors can sue for emotional distress.

17 year old Staten Island, NY teen wins $100 million judgment against hospital where she was delivered at 1 pound 12 ounces and now suffers from cerebral palsy. Jurors believed that the hospital failed to prevent the patient’s pre-term delivery.

Let me take your vital signs and here is your mail … South Carolina cutting state funding for psychiatric care so much that some patients have to wait over a MONTH in the emergency department before placement for psychiatric care. Patients left in room with a mattress on the floor and no sharp objects – including radios or TV sets.
Oh, and some group homes are available for patients, but many of them don’t take Medicaid as a form of payment.
But at least those patients have insurance …

Indiana the latest state to consider challenges to medical malpractice caps. Map within article shows how many states have either invalidated or have failed to institute caps in the country.

Oklahoma State University employee walks into OSU emergency department restroom and shoots himself in chest.

Great story about a patient who passed out unless she was upside down. Her husband carried her into the hospital by her ankles. Every time she laid down, she passed out. And she just had a pacemaker placed the previous day for a complete heart block.
What’s your diagnosis?

Tom Brokaw was rushed to a hospital after feeling lightheaded. After much testing, he was discharged. Later he tweeted that he accidentally took a half dose of Ambien before all the symptoms started.

At least he doesn’t have to travel far for medical care … intoxicated man from North Carolina drives friend to the hospital then forgets to stop, running into planter outside emergency department.

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