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Healthcare Update — 05-19-2012

Very poignant story about how a daughter is dealing with the health problems of her elderly father. Not Watching My Goldfish Die. Read it.

Gatorade and Powerade are going to hate this study. Bananas are just as good as energy drinks as a source of energy during exercise. Bonus: They’re a frick of a lot cheaper than sports drinks. However, storing them during the exercise is a different story. Bananas with the imprint of a butt and a bicycle seat aren’t quite as appealing as a bottle of cool sports drink.

Apparently the drug seekers are getting fed up with trying to scam medications out of emergency departments. Now there’s a new scam where they go look around open houses and steal medications out of the medicine cabinets.

Florida Attorney General discusses unintended consequences of health care reform (video). Many low income seniors hurt by Medicare Advantage requirements. Costs trillions more dollars than originally anticipated. Fransiscan University in Ohio drops health care plan because health care reform triples the Catholic university’s costs. We’ll see if the law passes muster with the Supreme Court — hopefully by next month.

Wild story about how a drug used for motion sickness can be used to create “zombies” out of victims where they become “coherent but with no free will.” The video story accompanying the article has interviews with several people who willingly gave robbers everything from their homes or who emptied their bank accounts and gave the money to the robbers. Down side: People die when they’re overdosed with the drug. So don’t try using it to get your kids to clean their rooms.

Based on the headline, I think I’d sue for this, too. Man sues anesthesiologist for causing penis amputation. But … when you read another account of the story, the reasons that the man needed his penis amputated aren’t so straightforward. He was a diabetic patient undergoing a surgery for a penis implant. After the surgery, he developed an infection that ultimately resulted in gangrene and required an amputation. The patient also allegedly ignored post operative instructions to avoid sex. Should the anesthesiologist be liable for complications that initially occur outside of the postoperative period? It’s a multimillion dollar question.

Speaking about genitals, a 67 year old Texas man died after receiving multiple lap dances in a strip club. Staff only realized that there was a problem when it was time for him to pay up. I’m guessing that there are going to be a lot of issues before the estate is settled.


  1. I think the penis guy got what he deserved.

  2. Re: Scopolamine (a drug used for motion sickness)


    I’m wearing a patch now, for dizzyness from an ear infection. It works.

    When it was prescribed, I remembered only hearing about it in old ‘fifties’ movies and the urban legend sites, and mentioned my ‘concern’ about it to my dr.

    Same ‘concern’ when they prescribed cipro while traveling to P.I., in case of ‘diarrhetical problems’, and I had only heard of it from disaster prep training.

  3. This is really interesting, since in Germany every patient get’s the surgical consult/pre-op talk, and the one from the anesthetist, where general morbidity and intubation/premedication related info is covered, as well as risks for the typ of anesthesia.
    If anything, I would have expected the surgical side to be responsible for the post-surgical care. But yeah, the patient’s got nothing important to lose. ;-P

  4. Heard that CPR to the strip club patron was delayed because someone yelled “Hey! We have a stiff over here!” and no one thought that was out of the ordinary.

  5. FECAL infection?? Someone has horrible toilet hygiene or was 3 cm off track when he “used” his new toy.

    He was deported? Doesn’t that mean he wasn’t supposed to be in the US in the first place???

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