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Healthcare Update — 05-15-2013

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Pain pills make you impotent. Well, the study doesn’t quite say that but the headline sure catches your attention, doesn’t it? The study did note a 45% increased likelihood of using testosterone replacement or medications for erectile dysfunction when patients were taking long-term opioids.

You think YOU’ve got it bad? In Pakistan, four children share the same ICU bed and machines such as MRIs have been out of order for more than 3 years – forcing patients to go to private hospitals and pay out of pocket to have the tests done. The Medical Marijuana Associates would have a conniption just thinking about this happening in the US, but the government that provides everything to you has the power to take everything away from you. Don’t worry. Nothing like this would ever happen in this country.
On the other hand, according to the article, the tests cost about 20,000 Rupees – about $200 US Dollars – which is a fraction of the cost for the same tests in the US.

Another bamblance stolen – this time the driver was still inside. Tennessee’s John Shanks jumped in the driver’s seat of an ambulance in Erlanger Hospital’s parking lot and drove away while the driver was in the back of the ambulance cleaning it. Driver tried to subdue thief who when jumped out of the ambulance and ran away in a serpentine pattern. He was later caught and charged with multiple crimes.

Patients gone wild episode of the week. Intoxicated male “causing trouble” in Newfoundland ED. Police called to scene and patient now faces charges of causing a disturbance and assaulting a police officer.

Remember the story about the brawl in the Georgia ED waiting room a few weeks ago? Now police have released pictures from surveillance video that shows the alleged perps and are looking for information identifying them. Identified so far include Quantavious Cortez Thomas, Altravious Antwan Thomas, Montravious Monque Gibson, and Cedrick Octavious Marshall.

Tragic story. Twelve year old girl dies after taking grandmother’s used Fentanyl patch out of the garbage and putting it on her leg – possibly to help with a stomach ache.

Richard Epstein eloquently explains how the Affordable Care Act is unraveling before our eyes. Insurance isn’t worth much if no one can afford it.

How much will individual health insurance premiums increase under Obamacare? Estimates from 17 of the country’s largest health insurance providers expect 100-400% increases. In other words, 90% of individuals will be dropping their health insurance policies. Businesses will see a 50-100% increase in their premiums. Instead of calling it the UnAffordable Care Act, maybe I’ll start calling it the UnAffordable Insurance Act.

Indiana man goes to hospital and shoots himself in hospital emergency department after shooting his former boyfriend at boyfriend’s place of employment.

More “unnecessary” spending in medicine. Urologists at Henry Ford Hospital allege that emergency department treatment for UTIs alone cost $4 billion per year in “unnecessary” health care costs.
I need to start publishing retrospective studies about wasteful procedures in other specialties.

Irish emergency department so crowded and busy that it has to pull an ambulance up to the front door to act as an extra resuscitation room for a patient. To be fair, there were five patients all needing resuscitation at the same time. I actually think that the doctors were pretty resourceful in coming up with the idea.

South Carolina parents sue hospital for performing corrective surgery on young child with ambiguous genitalia, stating that the doctors picked the wrong sex. Doctors created female genitalia when the child now identifies as a male. Correcting the genitalia is reportedly “an abhorrent practice and can’t be continued.”
Interesting theory for the lawsuit. The child’s parents adopted him after the surgery, but are alleging a lack of informed consent by doctors before they performed the surgery. If the child was in foster care, how do the parents know what consent was given?

Visits to the emergency department from Ambien (zolpidem) tripled between 2005 and 2010. Most patients experiencing problems with sleeping pills were women more than 45 years old. The FDA already required that the dose be cut in half in January. Guess the only thing left is to ban it.

When patients are admitted to the hospital through the emergency department, what happens to their satisfaction scores? Universal decline in every aspect of care.
Simple solution: Get rid of emergency departments.
I should work in government.

Should doctors videotape procedures that they perform on patients? This doctor at a brain/spinal cord injury hospital argues that they should, but that legal liability surrounding the recordings will overshadow that idea. One health care attorney warned doctors not to record informed consent discussions to prevent a plaintiff’s attorney from exploiting any omissions.
Suing our way to better health care sure works well, doesn’t it?


  1. I seriously thought you were making up the names of the Georgia ED brawl participants. But you weren’t. Holy schamoly.

  2. Wow, the geniuses at Henry Ford are full of win, aren’t they?
    Basically, if primary care and specialty doctors in every speciality would just stay open 24/7/365, we could get rid of the Emergency Department entirely!

    In other news, spare tires on cares and the Auto Club are unnecessary, as researchers at Goodyear Tire Company found that smply equipping all cars with 8 tires at the factory would eliminate the need to stop for a flat, virtually forever.

    This was trumped by researchers at IBM, Ford Motors, and Dayton-Hudson who determinedthat if they just built an entire mall, office building and factory in your living room, we could eliminate all freeways, cars, and parking lots, because you could just shop and go to work in your pajamas every day.

    Bayer, Mercedes, and Chrysler-Daimler were also going to participate in that last study, until it was noted that the last time German corporations sent large numbers of their workers to work in their pajamas every day, the rest of the world got a bit perturbed with the outcome.

  3. Dang, bro. That’s a lot of vious. I’m envious.

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