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Healthcare Update — 05-01-2013

Doing a mini-update for now. More to come.

Mystery IV thiefWoman walks into hospital, goes to random patient rooms and tries to pry open machines infusing pain medication into IV lines. When that doesn’t work, she cuts the IV lines and steals the medications directly from the IV lines.
Listen, lady. Hospitals are probably one of the more video camera-laden places in our society. Walking through a hospital will virtually guarantee that hospital security will have a picture of you … which they will then post on the news wire. Like this.
Easier method: Go to Nurse K’s hospital emergency department, ask for Dr. FeelGood, and complain of bad back pain.

Taking patients gone wild to a new level. Australian nurse has part of her breast bitten off during altercation with patient. Concern grows over the “rising tide of violence in the emergency department.”

Well, if I’m going back to go to the Greybar Motel after my layover in the emergency department, I may as well try the ol’ bathroom escape trick. Tennessee inmate escapes from emergency department bathroom after getting a bathroom break. Caught shortly afterwards and is now charged with felony escape in addition to his other felonies.

Pennsylvania’s Dr. Robert Childs bashes emergency department in letter of resignation to hospital. Criticizes emergency physicians for transferring a 7 month old with a burn to the hand to a burn center – where the patient was admitted for three days. States that he could have treated the infant’s burn by applying cream and bandages which would have cost about $150 and would have saved the family from traveling back and forth to the burn center. Those mean emergency physicians don’t trust doctors in our area so they ship them out of town. Oh, and they call and wake him up in bed at night, too. Bwaaaaaahhh.
Hey, Doc … the criteria for transfer of burn patients (.pdf) include both burns involving the hands and burns in hospitals without personnel qualified for the care of children. When burns to the infant’s hand that you treat for $150 scar down and cause loss of function in the fingers, I’m sure the child and the family will be so pleased that you decided to save them money and drive time.
You need to go read a book or two and pipe down with your silly letter writing.
Then you can apologize to the doctors you bashed.

From a reader …

Here’s one for your long-suffering “bambulance driver” readers…

“According to the incident report, Ferguson said she didn’t have a car and this was the only way she had to get around and Medicaid paid for it anyway. It was part of her benefits.
“And all of those ambulance trips taken by Ferguson?
“Each one costs $425, plus mileage.
“Officials say what Medicaid doesn’t pay, taxpayers will have foot the rest of the bill, more than $400,000.”

N.B.  She’s 51 and on Medicare, has been doing this for seven years (since she was 44), and thinks using ambulances for basic transport should have been part of the “benefits” she was “entitled to”.  We’re stuffed.

Until providers and police prosecute thieves like this, I agree. We are stuffed. If this lady made hundreds of false police reports to get a ride to the police station or stole hundreds of FBI vehicles to take a drive downtown, she’d be in the Greybar Motel quicker than she could say “abdominal pain.” And think about the access to ambulance services that people with true emergencies lost while paramedics were playing Driving Miss Daisy with this woman.

From another reader …
Huntsville, Alabama emergency department makes a great music video to the beat of Gangnam Style.
Two questions, though. First, if the hospital has 90,000 visits per year, how the heck do they have time to make the video. Second, what’s with the horse head? Some kind of Godfather reference to the CEO?


  1. Whenever the words “violence in the emergency department” are uttered, in a scene reminiscent of Laurence Harvey in “The Manchurian Candidate”, all hospital personnel above the rank of relief charge nurse get glazed eyes, become Christian Scientists, and default to the setting that it’s all your imagination, and it would go away if only you’d wish hard enough.

    When some guy with 50 prior incidents/arrests for violence towards medical staff finally comes in and mows down 27 people, they will convince themselves it was all because of the NRA, and not because they had their heads shoved up and self-examining for colorectal cancer where ED violence is concerned.

  2. “Australian nurse has part of her breast bitten off during altercation with patient.”

    That was in Dandenong. Dandenong has issues. Crime, drugs, unemployment, lots of non-English speaking immigrants/refugees. Lots of young African & Afghan “refugees” get dumped there. Average age 34, only 55% have full time jobs, only 27% have English as a first language. 25% muslim, not great respecters of ‘kuffir’ women.

    Working in Melbournistan for 5 years was bad enough, wouldn’t work in the ‘Nong for quids.

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