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Healthcare Update — 02-05-2014

More medical news from around the web over at my other blog at EP Monthly.

Your body belongs to US! UK judge orders doctors to perform caesarean section on mentally ill diabetic woman to “keep [her] alive.” She reportedly was “thought” to have schizophrenia, had stopped eating, and tried to kill herself.
The judge said that the decision to order a C-section on a mentally ill woman “occurs extremely rarely” – which explains why a pregnant woman from Italy was forcibly detained, had a court-ordered C-section, and had her child abducted by British authorities due to her mental illness only about 6 months ago. That patient is now back in Italy fighting to regain custody of her child while the Brits are now trying to find a nice English family to adopt the child.
Next up: Court ordered brain implants and other “X-File-esque” types of government craziness.

It isn’t the lawyers that are greedy … at least according to this medical malpractice lawyer. There are a lot of other good reasons besides greed that they won’t take your little case even if a doctor maims you.

Georgia blazing new ground with malpractice reform. Considers a law called the “Patient Injury Act” that would create medical review panels to determine whether injury occurred from medical treatment and any compensation to be awarded therefrom. Law specifically excludes awards from reports to the National Practitioner Databank which is a huge point in its favor.
And all those patients who are injured would be fairly compensated without a greedy attorney taking a third of the money meant to pay for medical expenses.

If you like your cancer, you can keep your cancer. OK, the quote was from the comment section of an article on the topic, but it’s classic. After signing up for O-bamacare and all, good luck finding a doctor who accepts your “insurance.” Patient with lymphoma suddenly discovers that her oncologist doesn’t participate in Obamacare insurance plan. Insurers are cutting the number of doctors and hospitals under their plans to save money. One patient who couldn’t find a neurosurgeon to treat her called the list of doctors allegedly accepting her “insurance” a “phantom network.” The only thing that seems to be “insured” under these new plans is insurance company profits.

More working people will be eligible for insurance under Obamacare … because they’ll lose their jobs. The Unaffordable Insurance Act is estimated to cause a loss of 2 million jobs in the next 3 years – and these numbers are from the Congressional Budget Office. White House responds by saying “No it won’t. So there.”

And that’s why they call it dope. Patient gets dumped at the entrance to the emergency department with severe burns he suffered in an ATV accident. Emergency department staff later learns that his home meth lab blew up in his face. Hospital emergency department was closed for 6 hours while everyone inside was decontaminated. Patient transferred to another hospital where he later died.

Ohio spine surgeon Atiq Durrani has been named in more than 170 lawsuits and the feds have issued a warrant for his arrest, accusing him of falsely billing Medicare for millions of unnecessary procedures. Dr. Durrani fled to Pakistan and failed to attend the first couple of trials against him. Now his medical malpractice insurer is trying to rescind his policy, which would leave many of the patients that he allegedly injured with little chance of recovering any damages.

Arizona parents fight to get their mentally ill son the medical treatment he needs. He was admitted to the hospital for 11 days and then discharged when they were still unable to find a psychiatric bed to take him. Brought him back to the emergency department after threatening to kill himself four times in 24 hours and were told that it could take up to 10 days to find a psychiatric bed for him.
He was admitted to a short-term treatment center, but there are few long-term facilities available to care for him. If he becomes violent after he has been discharged, his mother worries about the default placement: jail.

What is medical care like as Siargao Emergency Hospital in the Philippines? “Lack of resources, nepotism, and incompetence” according to one patient’s family member – who incidentally works in the Philippine Senate.

In Indonesia, there’s a fine line between malpractice and a jail cell. Doctors are thrown in jail for post-surgical complications resulting in patient deaths. Three doctors each got sentenced to 10 months in prison when a patient died from a post-surgical gas embolism.
Think jail time will make their care better? About as likely as jail time stopping car accidents.


  1. Only to a doctor is basic economics evidence of “greed”. The lawyers point out why it’s not financially viable to take certain malpractice cases. Rather than address them, the “You’re just greedy” cry comes out. As if the world’s highest paid profession, the American physician, does all their work for free.

    In the next post, WC then has the nerve to start talking about how “medical review panels” (never mind the Constitution) are going to decide “fair compensation” for injured people. Of course, if the physicians and their insurers were really interested in “fair compensation”, rather than the foxes guarding the hen house, they could simply admit it when they make mistakes and offer compensation immediately. I wonder why they fight every claim tooth and nail, regardless of merit? Is it because they’re. . . . . greedy? Perish the thought!

  2. Regarding the “Court ordered brain implants”
    “FDA is investigating two deaths following injection of long-acting antipsychotic”

    If the patient liked the drugs they would voluntarily take them. If the patient is lacking an “antipsychotic” to fight the psychotic molecules in their brain, there should be a lab test to determine the correct amount of antipsychotic.
    A person should be either a convicted criminal or a free citizen, not in between the two.

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