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Healthcare Update — 02-01-2016

Another example of why Dr. Google and the links Dr. Google produces may lead you into poor choices for your health care. Some sites scrape the Web for keywords about drugs and side effects, then use a program to combine the pages in a manner that may cause patients to stop taking the medications. Very informative article!

Dermatologist accused of rubbing his genitals against female patient’s thighs during examinations uses unique defense – his huge gut covered over his penis, making it impossible for him to rub his genitals against the womens’ legs. That defense backfired. The doctor had to go to a urologist for a formal examination and the size of his penis – a whopping 2.5 cm (a little more than an inch) was published in a Toronto newspaper. Even worse, he was then given a chemically-induced erection and forced to “assume various positions” to see if his penis was visible.
I just shake my head in disbelief when I read some of these stories.

Your tax money hard at work. NASA spent $80,000 to see what effect space flight has on herpes virus. I was going to ask how they cleared a certain TV commentator for rocket travel, but then thought better of it. Wouldn’t want to be unprofessional, now, would I?

More of your tax money at work. NIH spending more than $400,000 using “state of the art technology” to send texts to Latino men telling them to exercise more.

What’s the risk of letting algorithms judge us? Once people know the algorithm, they game the system. But algorithms also cause a chilling effect on behavior. Stifle dissent. Make the people judging you happy so your score goes up. That doesn’t work so well in certain arenas, though … including medicine (hack hack Press Ganey cough).

An older article, but interesting nonetheless. Nine things you didn’t know about cursing. I saw an experiment about one of them – how swearing helps alleviate pain. About 0.7% of the words we use during the course of a day are swear words. That seems like a f*cking lot to me.

Larry the Cable Guy contributing to the kidney disease and fractures of elderly patients? All of those proton pump inhibitors (such as Prilosec, Protonix, Nexium) may help with your reflux symptoms, but they also increase your risk of developing infections like Clostridium difficile (“C. diff”), increase the risk of chronic kidney disease by 20-50%, cause decreased magnesium levels in your system, and contribute to osteoporosis and fractures.


  1. A bit of a contradiction between paragraphs #1 and #7?

  2. Good point. Should have linked the actual study in #7.

  3. Let’s talk about government waste, shall we? 750 million dollars was spent on illegal immigrants and the wunderbar health exchanges and they were NOT eligible. Remember that guy who stood up at the SOTU address or maybe he just yelled it..”YOU LIE!!” Turns out he now has printable truth that Obama lied but you and I already knew that….Nearly a billion dollars. Wait. I’m not done. How about the earned income tax credit fraud to the tune of 4.17 billion? Sigh.

  4. thanks for the laugh from the story of the “whopping 2.5 cm (a little more than an inch)” member.

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