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Healthcare Update – 01-30-2014

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The nice thing about regulations is that they can easily be fixed by more regulations. Timeouts for simple ED procedures. Site verification for abscess drainage. Waste of time in the ED. Stickers on glass doors. Expired clocks. Computers on the floor. These are some of the inane “violations” various Joint Commission surveyors have uncovered. All of the time addressing and documenting these “safety issues” adds up and eventually detracts from emergency department throughput.
To solve that problem, the Joint Commission has created even more standards to address hospital boarding and ED throughput.

Unfortunate complications after tonsil surgery cause cardiac arrest and brain death in 13 year old girl. Now she’s been transferred to a long term care facility and had a tracheostomy and feeding tube inserted. Mother refuses to believe she is dead.
Meanwhile, idiots like Nancy Grace stoke the flames, insinuating that the doctors might not have told the truth about the patient’s brain death and later stating that the patient who really wasn’t brain dead might have a “Lazarus” moment and come back from her [undead?] state. So which is it, Nancy? Either Jahi’s dead and the doctors are right or she’s not dead and your “Lazarus” comment makes no sense. Actually, it makes no sense anyway, but only shows that you’ll apparently say anything for ratings. CNN needs to dump this woman.
Glad she has at least toned down her rhetoric a little bit so this poor girl’s family can grieve in peace.

Nancy Grace Lazarus Jahi McMath

Nancy Grace Doctors Lying Jahi McMath

Anesthesiologist sues former insurer and former employer for emotional distress and former defense attorney for legal malpractice after attorney acts in best interests of employer, but fails to introduce evidence regarding actions of a nurse that allegedly would have exculpated the doctor.
Conflict of interest in malpractice cases is a HUGE problem. If you are named in a lawsuit and have any doubts about whether your attorney is acting in your best interests, then you have the right to request your own personal counsel. Do it … in writing.

Tragic case of a chest pain patient dying after being misdiagnosed. Went to emergency department two days in a row for chest/abdominal pain radiating to jaw and mouth. Had negative cardiac workups done on both visits and was discharged once with heat exhaustion and the second time with “stomach flu.” Collapsed hours after the second discharge and was returned to the hospital where an aortic dissection was diagnosed. He died shortly after surgery to repair the dissection.
This same difficult-to-diagnose disease took the life of John Ritter.

Chinese patient upset over his nose job goes to hospital, stabs three doctors. One doctor dies. Now a court has sentenced patient to death.

When Obamacare imposes extra costs on insurers, insurers fight back by limiting their pool of physicians. United HealthCare drops many doctors from its Medicare Advantage plan, leaving patients with “insurance,” but few doctors to provide the medical care. “Affordable Care“? Perhaps for the insurers.

When Obamacare imposes extra costs on insurers, insurers fight back by limiting their pool of physicians. United HealthCare drops many doctors from its Medicare Advantage plan, leaving patients with “insurance,” but few doctors to provide the medical care.

I may have been wrong about the “Affordable” “Care” Act. Premiums for a healthy non-smoking 30 year old woman in Vermont are only $56 per month – that’s only $672 per year! I pay three times that every month for my family.
Wait. What? The deductible for that coverage is $100,000? One HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars? And there’s a 30% copay after you reach the $100,000 deductible?
Hey at least you’ll have affordable INSURANCE, so stop complaining.
The “Care” – that’s a different story.

All that keeps running through my mind is the word “Tuskeegee.” National Institute of Health seeks to intentionally infect 100 volunteers with influenza in order to study how the body fights an influenza infection. Volunteers are locked in an isolation ward for at least 9 days until they are no longer infectious, but are compensated $3000 for their troubles.
What could go wrong?

It isn’t cool to snort ground up Smarties. They may make you a YouTube sensation, but they’ll make maggots grow in your nasal passages – and who’d want a maggot crawling out of their nose in the school lunchroom? You’d be forever known as “Maggot Face.” At 25 year class reunion, they wouldn’t say “Where’s Sally?” they’d say “Hey! Where’s Maggot Face? Remember her?!?!”
Actually, that whole maggot thing is an urban legend, but you don’t have to tell your kids that.

The ACA: A Train Wreck and a Lie. Dr. Jeffrey Singer exposes yet another misleading statement made by president Obama regarding the Affordable Care Act: noncancelability for medical conditions was law far before the ACA was created.
“It is difficult to decide what is more infuriating: the dishonesty or the incompetence of the designers of the Rube Goldberg scheme known as the Affordable Care Act.”

Now medication shortages aren’t the only thing we need to worry about. Latest on the list is a shortage of … intravenous saline. That’s right. The stuff that you get in the IV bags when your blood pressure is dangerously low and you’re at risk of dying. Prices for bags of saline are now 5-6 times normal.
Back to Lactated Ringers …
Hat tip to @drjessepines

Indiana has been regarded as having a favorable medical malpractice climate, in part because of limits on liability for doctors and hospitals. Indiana has a Patient Compensation Fund that pays any judgments in excess of the statutory limits.
Now all providers are going to face substantial increases in the amount they must pay into the Compensation Fund due to a $55 million settlement the State made with 282 patients treated by one doctor – ENT surgeon Dr. Mark Weinberger.

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  1. She constantly invokes her dead “fiancée” for her crime interest but his mother says they casually dated a few times.

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