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Healthcare Update – 01-04-2016

Drug use (especially Ecstasy) at Australian music festivals has increased significantly over the past few years. One emergency department director noted that if people knew where the dealers had concealed the drugs to get into the festival, a lot of people would “nearly vomit.” I can tell you from experience that those places of concealment aren’t limited to music festivals, either.

Patients gone wild. South Carolina belle Megan Whit drives pickup truck into a couple of telephone poles, then asks responding officers for drink of antifreeze. Proceeds to channel the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and repeatedly yells “Off with your head!” at the officer. Taken to the emergency department where she insisted she was pregnant and that she overdosed on narcotics. Then shouted obscenities in the emergency department for several hours before testing showed she had used cocaine, crystal meth, and marijuana. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

Welcome to Crazy Town. Well-written article about a day in the life of Indianapolis trauma surgeon Jamie Coleman. Many excellent pictures accompany the article. If you’re interested in medicine, this article is a must-read.

Suppose one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stop drinking. What can you expect in the next 30 days? Here’s one person’s experience.

Connecticut attorneys accused of misappropriating $4.3 million from malpractice client’s settlement and of failing to provide proof of more than $600,000 in legal expenses. Initial retainer agreement calculations would have resulted in fees of $2.66 million from the child’s $25 million settlement. Attorneys from Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder allegedly took $7 million in legal fees. Grievance committee investigating the matter finds “probable cause of professional misconduct” against attorneys in the case, but article notes that they were still allowed to keep all of the money. According to the Koskoff web site, Kathleen Nastri and James Horwitz represented the client during the trial.

Employees snooping in the medical records of a patient who committed suicide. Co-workers accessing a patient’s medical records that were then used against him in divorce proceedings. HIPAA violations are “widespread throughout the VA” according to one whistleblower – who was put on administrative leave shortly after filing a complaint. This ProPublica investigation revealed more than 10,000 privacy violations by the VA system since 2011. The Office for Civil Rights cited the VA for more privacy violations than any other health provider in the nation, yet the VA has reportedly never been sanctioned for these violations. But if a patient suffering from a heart attack at a non-VA facility gets tPA at minute number 31, the doctor’s employment is on the line. Nice system we have, huh?

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