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Happy November

My schedule is starting to wind down to its normal chaos instead of its chaotic chaos.
I’ll sure be glad when tomorrow is over for a lot of reasons.

The sugar level in my kids’ collective bloodstreams will be near normal. It’s great that they enjoyed Halloween. They each came home with a half pillowcase full of candy, dumped it on the floor, and began dealing the “bad” candy for the “good” candy. As in …
“I’ll trade you three Laffy Taffy’s for a Butterfinger.”
“No way, Jose.”
“Three Laffy Taffy’s and an Almond Joy.”
“Blecch. Maybe for a Baby Ruth bar.”

The thing that the kids don’t realize is that some types of candy increase the osmotic load in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result: Technicolor diarrhea for Ms. Skittles in the SuperGirl costume.

One of our neighbors has this elaborate display in his front yard each year, so we get all of the traffic jams and strange people hooting and hollering up and down our road until midnight. I wanted to get out the paintball gun with the laser sight, about 11PM, but was able to restrain myself.

In total, we went through 27 bags of candy in about 5 hours. We actually had to start handing out recycled candy toward the end of the allotted time. Guess where those Almond Joy and Laffy Taffys went.

After tomorrow I also won’t have to listen to political ads on the radio, look at political ads on the computer, or have my mailbox filled with flyers about how much the other candidate raised taxes or voted with Obama or align with this political party. Negative ads suck, but supposedly research shows that the negative ads are the only thing that people remember.

Then there’s what to do with all those political yard signs. Duct tape and yard signs could make a pretty cool toy house for the girls. Or a hunting stand. Or target practice. Or ….

It will be interesting to see how functioning of the government changes after the elections.

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  1. i imagine replacing bullshit politicians from one party with bullshit politicians from the other party won’t result in much change in the functioning of government.

    • An engineer would probably be the best president you could get, yet no engineer I know of is interested in leaving their nice paying desk job for the campaign trail. Even if one did, they’d probably never get elected because they would get out-campaigned by someone who knows how to do nothing else (like Obama..cough).

      • Considering that the area the President has the most unfettered power is foreign policy, I’m not sure why engineering training would be that important.

      • “they’d probably never get elected because they would get out-campaigned by someone who knows how to do nothing else (like Obama..cough).”

        Or any other career politician…

  2. Heh. I remember the days of trading candy with my cousins.

    Happy November, indeed…

  3. Just an observation, Herbert Hoover our 31st president was an engineer (1929-1933). Does the term Hoovervilles ring any bells?

  4. “I wanted to get out the paintball gun with the laser sight, about 11PM, but was able to restrain myself.” So you and very funny!! :)

    I’m not a fan of gore,evil,death and creepy. I am more of a Casper the friendly ghost type. (cute)

    I hate the tombstones in the yards and realistic looks and never went to a haunted house. I know ..most people like it.

    But I’ve also never seen a Freffy Kreuger movie, or even the Exorcist. I can’t handle the stalking like when you are seeing exactly what the stalker sees and is about to do. Never saw Silence of the Lambs. I get scared ..even tho I know not real. And my head would just be buried into Mr SeaSpray’s shoulder or under a blanket.

    And the spooky houses remind me of death… in a creepy way. So I decorate for harvest and carries right through to Thanksgiving.

    One year I caved and put spooky pics up on the front windows ..Dracula, etc.

    Except…I was continually getting unnerved/spooked with the darned Dracula because I’d forget and out the corner of my eye …this two sided Dracula looked like someone staring at me right outside the window… which family thought was funny.

    We had 8 kids come to house.

    Will be glad adds are done too. Looking forward to seeing the poll results soon. :)

  5. Kids’s Halloween Candy Economy
    Mises.org by Jeffrey A. Tucker

    “I’ll give you three skittles for a tootsie pop”

    Kids collect candy, making it their own through work. Afterwards, they happily exchange candy to get more of what they really want. They create their own trading organization and money as they go.

    So, does Halloween have a socialist vibe because kids beg for handouts, or a capitalist vibe because they trade for a better result?

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