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Going for the Cycle

6-25-2014 8-08-56 PMIn one recent twelve hour shift, I saw 31 patients.

Of those 31 patients, there were three families. One family had four members to be seen for various medical problems such as a rash for 3-4 years, a medication refill, and mosquito bites. One family had two children who both needed to be evaluated for coughs and who weren’t able to see their assigned family physician until the following day despite a cough duration of 6 days. The third family had two children, one of which had a sore throat and the other that had a “spider bite.”

Was it wrong for me to secretly hope that the mom of the two patients in the third family would register to be seen as well so that way I could be one of the select few emergency physicians ever to attain the emergency department equivalent of “the Cycle“?

So close …


  1. No …might as well.

    I like the 3-4 yr rash. :)

  2. What I like is the headache or abdominal pain that has been present for 10 years for which no one has been able to diagnose. Like I can fix that tonight at 2 AM?

  3. So close!

    I’ve never hit for the cycle… but I’ve had a “Six-fer” with a family who had lice. All of the staff – even those not involved in care – was itchy for the rest of the shift after they were discharged.

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