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Dear readers,

I have a favor to ask. My youngest daughter developed on obsession after seeing a project from my middle daughter’s class.

Remember “Flat Stanley”?

Well middle daughter’s class was doing a “Flat Stanley” project and youngest daughter wanted to be involved. So youngest daughter made her own version of a “Flat Stanley” drawing and wanted to send him on some adventures. We had a couple of people that we thought about sending her “Flat WhiteCoat” to visit, but then she actually got sad because none of our relatives are particularly adventurous. I thought that some of you might be able to help her on her project. A picture of Flat WhiteCoat with a restrained patient screaming Black Sabbath lyrics will only go so far.

If you have the desire and would be willing to double click on the picture and print out a copy of Flat WhiteCoat, take a picture of him on an adventure – G-RATED ADVENTURES ONLY – or at a famous place and e-mail me (whitecoatrants at g mail) a short story about the picture, my youngest daughter would be most excited to hear your story. Once the project is finished, I’ll post all of the pictures and stories together into a .pdf file that everyone can download.


And in case you were wondering, the doll is not a replica of me. I still have all my teeth, I have a nose, I have opposable thumbs, my mouth is not typically full of blood, and I am much more muscular than this doll.



  1. Sounds like fun!

    When is the deadline?

  2. Yes, deadline please? I’m doing a lot of traveling (starting tomorrow) and I’d love to help out.

  3. I can take “Flat White Coat” to the 45th parallel in Keizer, Oregon – not famous, but…

  4. No timeline. And doesn’t have to be anything outrageous. Hanging out with the Beav would be just as impressive as hanging out in the ED. My middle daughter’s project is due by the end of the month.
    Already got a couple of pictures back (one from Google headquarters) and all the older kids are already jealous. Youngest daughter just sits back and smiles, even though I don’t think she knows quite what’s making the other kids jealous.
    Thanks to all. This should be a hoot.

  5. Challenge accepted! We’ll find something cool for Flat Stanley to do here in Cleveland, Ohio (yeah, yeah, we actually have LOTS of cool stuff in Cleveland). And boy, do I feel old. I just turned 42 – and I remember reading Flat Stanley when I was a kid. Yikes.

  6. Flat White Coat will be going to Vancouver in three hours. Pictures will be forwarded.

  7. Sure! Sounds like fun! :)

    Re: Flat WhiteCoat description …WhiteCoat doth protest too much, methinks. ;)

    How many adventures does Flat WhiteCoat want per person?

  8. Read this one day too late! My sister just left to be an ER Nurse in Saudi Arabia for a year. That would be quite an adventure for flat whitecoat! We’ll see if flat whitecoat can find an adventure in Milwaukee though!

  9. I just recently did a flat Stanley for a friend’s niece — in Conakry, Guinea! We’ll be going to an island adventure soon (next week) if that is not too late for you I can email the pics afterwards.

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