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Emergency Department Complaints

Recent patient complaints requiring emergency department evaluation:

1. “Belly button problem”. White and blue stuff keeps growing in belly button and thinks that there may be fungal infection there. Brought some in a plastic bag for analysis. Diagnosis: Umbilical Lint

2. Ambulance transport for rectal itching. The patient was having difficulty reaching his bottom to wipe himself due to his size. Diagnosis: Buttock Dermatitis

Another reader looked at patients’ presenting complaints during a shift.
12 patients had cramps/back pain
5 were well-appearing febrile children
About 10 other patients had issues the equivalent of a stubbed toe
6 patients had conditions needing emergency treatment. Because of the crowding, these patients had to wait.
Out of all those patients, guess who complained … one of the women with back pain.

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  1. I notice that we have zero feedback to our actual care of the patient, even if they lived or died…….

  2. Is there an ICD-10 code for Umbilical Lint?
    For Umbilical Fungus – blue – fuzzy?

  3. “Ass hairs are growing too much” was one of my favs. Of course someone had to look as part of the MSE.

  4. Careful now–it might have been Morgellon’s Syndrome!

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