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Double Your Computer's Speed — For Free

I used to like Norton Utilities for cleaning up my computer … until it became bloatware. I haven’t used Norton Utilities in several years. The ads on the radio touting a computer program that will “double your computer’s speed” … for only $39.98 per year … prompted me to write this post.

There are three programs I use to clean up my computer. As you may have guessed from previous computer posts, the products are all free.

CCleaner is a free product made by Piriform that does a good job at cleaning up rogue registry entries and junk files on your computer. I don’t think it scans as deeply as the other programs, but a plus is that it can be installed to run on thumb drives, so you don’t have to install it on your computer at all in order for it to work. It is also free for commercial use. Check out Piriform’s site for other useful programs such as a disk defragmenter and a file recovery tool.
Comodo is another company that has multiple excellent free computer utilities. I have installed its free internet security tool on most of our computers. I also use Comodo’s System Cleaner to deeply scrub my computer. The program does an great job, but sometimes I find that it pegs too many files for deletion and have had instances where some programs don’t run as quickly after I have run the system cleaner. Fortunately, Comodo has included a registry backup with the System Cleaner, so if you notice problems after running the program, you can restore your registry to its previous state without a problem. Many of Comodo’s programs are free for business use, but check the specs on specific programs to be sure.
Glary Utilities is my favorite computer cleaning program. It rivals all the commercial programs without the cost or the bloat. Glary Utilities includes a disk cleaner, a registry cleaner, an uninstall manager, a startup manager, a memory optimizer, a registry defragmenter, several file security functions, and several file management functions. The program is free for personal use, but you’ll have to pay $39 (currently they have the professional version on sale for $28 with a buy one get one free offer) if you want to get added functions or to use the program for your business.

If you need to “Double Your Computer’s Speed”, check these programs out first and save yourself some money.

For disclosure, I’m not getting any type of kickbacks or revshares for recommending any of the above programs. However, after reading Glary Utilities’ site, I plan to request a free license for the professional version of their program for reviewing their program. That wasn’t my intent when I began writing the post, but in this case, I’ll take the perk.

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  1. Wait. I downloaded Gary’s and got a free analysis but have to pay a crapload for the repair! 47$ for one cleaning. RIP OFF!

    • Did you click on the Glary Utilities link? I just freaked out and downloaded the program again after reading your comment and the program installed and worked without a problem — for free.
      You sure you didn’t click on the other link at the top of the post? That program runs a check for free but requires you to pay to fix the problems.

  2. For the more adventurous, an alternative operating system such as Ubuntu is a great option.

  3. If you want a great Free Anti-malware (anti spyware ) program try Malwarebytes available at http://www.malwarebytes.org/
    They have a free version and one for purchase but the free one is great. I work in Information technology and a lot of the open source software ia better than the bloatware you have to pay for..

  4. Being less than a sauve computer guy, I really appreciated this post…thanks.

  5. or you could always get a Mac and have none of the problems that windows heaps on its users!

  6. As a computer geek for a living, I hate to give away a secret but:

    Miicrosoft has both a free clean up too, and free security tool. The clean up tool rarely takes more than ten minutes. The security tool takes much longer.The Tune Up tool is a pretty good HD utility, and takes a medium amount of time. All are free, both to diagnose the problem and solve them.

    Cleanup scanner is at:

    The security and tune up scanners can be found elsewhere on that page. If you are still paying for anti virus software, the Security Essentials AV set is also available free there.

  7. WC – thanks for the Glary tip. Very cool tools.

    Glern – are the MS tools you mentioned for Windows 7 only, or will they work on XP as well.

    And to all the geeks out there – I’m using ZoneAlarm free as my firewall (which evidently has a large bloated footprint) as I was under the impression that ZA free was far superior to MS’s XP firewall. Any one care to differ or suggest a good firewall with a small footprint? I was thinking of just using XP’s or switching to Comodo.


  8. The free Microsoft tools at that link are for XP, Vista tools may be found on that page as well.

    Those tools will usually fix anything short of a major hardware problem. The online virus removal is slow, but effective.

    To fix slow machine, run disk check first, then use the clean up too.

    For one hit by virus/malware, start the virus removal in evening, let it run all night-it can take several hours. Follow that with disk utility, then the clean up scanner.

    They are certainly worth using before you shell out money to have someone else clean things up.

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