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Dear Diary

Not to interrupt the interesting discussion going about BirdStrike’s post regarding what a life is worth, but …

Kids are all back to school. It was funny watching three of them enter new schools this year. The video of Junior WhiteCoat trying five times to open his locker then getting mad when dad did it on the first try was priceless. The video of Mrs. WhiteCoat crying when youngest daughter got on the school bus for the first time and waved to us through the window was also priceless.

Speaking about crying … we went to see the movie “The Odd Life of Timothy Green“. Every one of the kids was bawling at the end. Apparently my kids weren’t the only ones. Critics seemed not to like the movie very much. I thought it was entertaining.

Speaking about movies … all the WhiteCoat kids are getting little movie roles lately, but they all seem to be horror flicks. Junior is going to audition for another one today. Funny that middle daughter is starring in a horror movie but if she tries to watch one, she freaks out and can’t sleep for the next week. Even talking about the plot of a horror movie makes her sick.

Speaking about getting sick … both dogs have some type of virus that the vet says is going around town. Vomit and diarrhea everywhere. Carpet cleaners must love it when this stuff happens.
By the way, if a dog vomits on the floor, licks it up, runs away when you call her name, vomits on the floor again, then licks up a little bit of it before being scooped up and carried outside in mid-heave, then vomits the same material again in the grass, does that count as one episode or three episodes of vomiting?
Mrs. WhiteCoat was upset because she thought I was letting the dogs eat their vomit. Initially, she was right. Why waste food, right? Then, after the second vomit, I realized that they would just walk around the house vomiting up the same food over and over again, leaving spots all over the carpet. That prompted a more urgent and concerted effort to get the dogs outside.
Then how pitiful is it when the dogs stare at you with those sad eyes when you’re eating dinner and they get a small serving of chicken and mashed potatoes on their plate because their stomachs are upset? Not even any gravy?
Here’s a sappy dog pic from before initiation of the exorcism. I’m just glad that whatever they have doesn’t get passed to humans.

Speaking about Mrs. WhiteCoat getting upset … we took our four kids and a few of their friends to a water park for the end of summer. Half-price. Can’t beat it. So afterwards, we go out to eat at a family restaurant before making the trip home. A gentleman in suspenders staggered in the restaurant, and while passing our table on the way to the bathroom, stopped and in his garbled speech says to Mrs. WhiteCoat “Hey, you don’t look too bad for being an OctoMom!” I had to look away. She says “there are SEVEN children at the table and THREE of them do not belong to us.” Mr. Suspenders says “Well you still don’t look too bad” and he staggered off to the bathroom.
My reminders that he was paying her a compliment and that “QuadraMom” just didn’t have the same ring were met with repeated evil stares.

In between my trips to the emergency department to rule out sepsis every time I go running or hit the gym (abnormal vital signs under Jim Dwyer sepsis criteria, you know), I’ve been kind of bogged down with work at my other job. Have lots of posts lined up, but just not enough time to get them out of my head and onto the computer screen.

But I’ve been labeled as an idiot overtester by a nursing school professor who consulted on a family member in the emergency department, and comments on this blog have been cited as an example of how all medical professionals are “fat haters”.

Should be back to blogging about these and other subjects after attending a conference tomorrow.







  1. Your continued Dwyer obsession just makes you look thin skinned and unable to tolerate disagreement. You hurl plenty of vitriol yourself and he did not respond with nearly as much personal venom as you have. It’s unnecessary. It’s not like you’re demonizing a lawyer after all.

    • Hey Matt-
      Get over yourself!
      I think I can say that many of us enjoy those Dwyer digs as holding an idiot journalist’s feet to the fire as a physician was a good call by WC. So what…Get your jockeys and unwad them and laugh a little!

    • I much prefer WC’s Dwyer comments than anything Matt “contributes”. WC’s are funny. Matt’s are sophomoric.

  2. I think I’m a bad mother…NOT! I was happy when the baby went off to school. I thought it was my job to send him off not being a clinger. The spouse was mad cause I didn’t cry!! My baby smiled and got on the bus and yelled out the window,”Bye Mom. I hope you figure out what you want to be now that I’m grown-up!”

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