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Dear Diary

Lets see. What’s new recently?

Wrestling is officially over for the year. I happened to be the “trainer” for junior’s regional wrestling meet. Was busy most of the day. It seems as if the coaches give kids Coumadin before the meets. I haven’t seen so many nosebleeds in a long time … except maybe last year when I was the “trainer” for a wrestling meet. Not only nosebleeds, but there were also head injuries, an eye injury, and a broken arm. Nothing some 3 inch tape and gauze pads can’t handle, though.

During the match, I had a firsthand experience of why the UnAffordable Care Act isn’t going to help as much as many people believe. Again, it boils down to the fact that healthcare insurance doesn’t equal healthcare access.
A dad walked into the meet and from a distance I could tell he was having difficulty breathing. He was stopping every so often while he was walking so that he could lean on the wall or sit down and catch his breath. He made his way over to me and asked for a favor. Could I write him a prescription for ciprofloxacin? He had these same symptoms with pneumonia in the past and that is what his doctor prescribed to clear it up. This dad is a great guy, but he doesn’t live the healthiest lifestyle. He smokes. He’s heavy. He drinks quite a bit. I also knew from previous discussions that he had a history of anemia. There were literally 10 diseases that popped into my head that could have been causing his trouble breathing – besides pneumonia.
“You really have to go to the hospital. You need blood work and a chest x-ray, not a prescription for antibiotics. Besides, even if this is pneumonia, ciprofloxacin probably isn’t going to help. And if the pneumonia is bad enough to be causing you trouble breathing, you’ll need to be admitted anyway. This is serious.”
“I can’t afford it. The doctor’s visit will be $75, the chest x-ray will be $250, and my insurance won’t pay for any of it. I am having trouble paying my bills as it is.”
“But this is your life. I would rather see you have to pay a couple extra bills and be around for your kids.”
“I’ll be okay.”
I kept an eye on him during the meet, and he ended up leaving early.
I even texted him later in the day. He wrote back that he was okay as long as he was laying on the couch. I told them that I could call some people at the hospital to see if we could get him discounted testing performed. He said that he still couldn’t afford it.
I hope I don’t read about him in the obituaries.
It just sickens me that our government provides no-cost “insurance” for poverty-stricken people who earn no money, but many of the working poor get nothing but a mandate. If we’re going to make the system better, why can’t the government provide access to health care for everyone?

More funky dreams. A few days ago I had a dream that Mrs. WhiteCoat and I were walking back to my pickup truck after dinner. We got there and the driver’s side door was open. Someone’s leg was hanging out of the door. I walked a little closer and asked the person what he was doing.
“Is this your car?”
“Yeah, what are you doing?”
Then he reached back inside the truck, grabbed a shotgun, and pointed it at me. I tried to grab my pistol and run behind the truck, but I heard a loud “bang” and felt a sharp pain in my flank. That woke me up with a yell, which also woke Mrs. WhiteCoat up. I can still see the guy’s face.
The thing is that ever since that dream, I’ve had pain in my flank.

The pain is on the opposite side from the surgery, so I don’t think the two are related. Hernia is mostly healed, but now there is a burning pain to the area and, a couple of times when things have gotten … um … cold … well there is a pulling sensation through the surgical area that isn’t particularly comfortable. But it’s better than walking around with my hand in my pocket all day. I’m sure it will clear up soon.

Mrs. WhiteCoat took an afternoon and drove into Chicago with a couple of the kids for a commercial audition. On the way home, she stopped for gas on the South Side and went inside to get the kids something to drink. Bad move.
She was waiting in line for the bathroom when some guy comes in and starts yelling at the cashier.
“That motherf***ing pump isn’t pumping gas right. I told you about that two motherf***ing days ago! You haven’t done sh*t to fix it yet.”
The cashier just ignored him.
“Hey! I’m talking to YOU motherf***er!”
The cashier still ignored him.
“I’m gonna bring my Glock back here and shoot this place up. Then you’ll pay better attention to me.”
The cashier rolled his eyes and said “Listen, it isn’t my store, OK? What do you want me to do?”
By that time, Mrs. WhiteCoat had heard enough. She threw a $10 at the cashier for three bottles of soda, told him to keep the change, and screeched her tires while leaving the parking lot.
I can’t think of many good reasons to go to Chicago any more. And the Rahmfather is spending millions of dollars to try to increase Chicago tourism. Hey. Come on. It’s safe. Really!

Now a couple of stories about some large department stores.

An incident in Target … or “Tar-zhay” as the hoity-toities call it … almost gave Mrs. WhiteCoat a heart attack.
Our youngest daughter has long blonde hair. There was apparently some interest in her for a national TV commercial based on her flowing locks. When they stopped into Target to get some miscellaneous crap, her hair became a problem. The check-out lines have even more miscellaneous crap for the kids to get into and whine about so their parents buy it for them. Enter the essential toy that everyone will need for next Christmas: the Star Wars personal spinning fan with bonus M&M candy compartment. Daughter WhiteCoat points the fan at her face for a fresh breeze (because it is much too hot in the store in the middle of February) and promptly gets her hair caught in the fan. So her hair gets wound around the hub of the fan like a fork full of spaghetti. She screams. Mrs. WhiteCoat screams. The cashier screams. After trying to untangle the hair for a good five minutes, Mrs. WhiteCoat accepts the fact that the hair is gone forever and cuts a chunk of hair off. By now, the store manager is on scene. Mrs. WhiteCoat says “I am NOT paying for this damn thing.” The store manager wisely just gave her the toy. After all, who is going to buy a personal fan with a wad of hair attached if they put it back on the shelf? Overall, everyone at Target handled the stressful situation quite admirably.
Of course, then Mrs. WhiteCoat actually brings this thing home and leaves it on the kitchen table, waiting for the next dangling bit of long locks to come near its spinning blades of entanglement. It is now inside of a paper bag in the garbage. Hopefully it stays there.

Then there’s Kohl’s. These SOBs kept sending out our Kohl’s credit card bills late, so we would get them after the due date. We would pay them off when we got them, but because the payment was late they would tack on a $25 late fee. The bills don’t have a postmark on them because they’re bulk mailed, so their customer service representatives just keep saying that the bills are all mailed out in plenty of time to pay and they wouldn’t remove the late fee. Nice way to treat your customers.
Well guess what. We canceled our Kohl’s credit card. No one in our family has been at a Kohl’s store in over a month. Instead, we now patronize other places. Funny thing. Prices at Kohl’s aren’t quite as much of a bargain as they would like you to believe. So we saved money on late fees and we saved money on prices for the same or nearly the same products at other stores.

slide_265848_1805941_freeFinally, Mrs. WhiteCoat and I were chuckling at these new ads for what amount to adult-branded baby wipes. Pushing the envelope for sure. Saw the beaver ad in a magazine and looked online for the others. Then I clicked on a link for the worst advertisements of all times. There were some doozys. Can’t find the page I was on now, though. But I was able to find another copy of one ad for Viagra made me laugh – mostly because it was an old guy playing the magician and he had that look in his eye.

Until next time, diary.


  1. I do hope that father will be alright. It was nice of you to try and help and follow up on him. Sadly most people will be in for a rude awakening.

    The thing that just makes me crazy is those of us that pay attention have seen and continue to see lies …seemingly nonstop from this administration. I want to get that book, I believe it’s written by a lawyer (she’s read thru the bill), and I think it is called surviving Obama care. I just heard her talking today and she was discussing the fact that seniors are not going to have the medical care they are used to as this kicks in. She recommends that people establish relationships with doctors now or they will have a hard time finding a doctor. (I can’t believe this is happening in America. ???)And last week I read that People in Greece were desperately going from pharmacy to pharmacy because there is a serious shortage of drugs – even for hospitals. is this the road we are following?

    If anyone reading in here supports this bill and is happy about it …please share why? Are all these facts coming out untrue? I’d like them to be untrue and here everyone will be better off.

    But ..they did not read the bill.I am sorry to say this but they are extremely stupid and/or selfish people – that pushed the ACA through. Daily, we hear about more people getting hrs cut or how this bill is hurting the companies. And I missed it, but heard something about that the platinum coverage is not as good as they are telling people that are going for the better coverage.

    She (the lawyer) also cited a section in the ACA that states hospitals will be rewarded for giving elderly patients less care. I also wonder if it is no mistake that elderly patients will have a difficult time getting health care. Forget death panels – just don’t pay for any care.

    I feel sorry for everyone – doctors and patients that will be hurt by the ACA.

    I’m glad your wife and daughter are alright. I think Chicago has to be one of the worst places to go to because of all the gun violence, And yet they have the toughest gun laws in the country. Go figure.

    Maybe your flank was hurting you in your sleep and so you dreamt about it. Like when one has to tinkle and so they dream about going.

    Have a great week. :)

    • SeaSpray- I have a friend who voted fro Obama because she can get Maternity coverage with the new ACA. She has another condition that makes her a preexisting nightmare and is currently pregnant.

      The poor basturd that WC speaks of makes me blind with rage. I feel his pain and WC’s for not being able to get him to swallow that tough pill. It sucks not being able to have insurance. I have said it before. I have my doc, but I pay cash, now. The premium I had has nearly doubled. I would be paying 802/month with a 15k deductible. I see no real benefit for the family to spend that much when I add up the costs. Basically, I pay 1500 for physicals and other visits for the year with cash. After that, catastrophe or not, I would still be sunk. I work with the spouse for free, essentially and there is no extra money. I feel I have a leg up on a lot of people because I have a medical background…we are lucky to be healthy, but I admit, I am very uncomfortable without a real insurance plan.

      • One of the things you COULD do is continue to pay cash as you are for your routine medical treatments, but purchase a insurance for hospitalization only. The only bad thing is, many procedures are only same-day surgery type things so hospitalization-only insurance wouldn’t cover them. But, for just-in-case hospital stays, they might be a viable option and avoid potential bankruptcy.

      • Mary,
        I am not afraid of bankruptcy because if a catastrophe should happen, the best I can do is make a payment plan to whomever. What frosts me is that I am forced out of the market so other people can get it on my tax dollars and sit on their asses, while I do not– and, I still must pay a penalty. This is wrong no matter what way it is played.

      • Hi Defend USA – I’m sorry it is like that for you. It’s all just so wrong. I’ve always believed we should help people that didn’t have ins. It just makes me crazy that so many (majority) Americans that worked hard, paid into and counted on their insurance and had steady jobs …are now losing their insurance, job hours and jobs altogether all because of this new ACA. They should have targeted key areas …not destroy the whole system. Keep what works, work on problem areas and TALK TO DOCTORS.

        But this is what happens when people don’t do their homework, i.e., jobs.

        Part of me thinks the administration was clueless because they didn’t read it …or they knew exactly what they wanted this bill to do …and it will be successful in achieving their long range goals.

  2. The Rahmfather needs to hire the 1000 policemen that the city is short, and he promised he would take care of as soon as he took office.

    • He promised …hahahahaha! I’m sorry – Mary this isn’t directed at you …it just caused me to laugh out loud. Like the president promising the American people they can keep their private health insurance – it won’t cost more, they can keep their own doctors …oh and that this new health care bill is the AFFORDABLE care act and everyone will have insurance. A politician promise – Oxymoron with a capital “o”. Help- …I think I’m becoming jaded.

  3. The “Affordable” part relates to what the government pays out, not to you or me.

    Also note that NONE of these gimmicks apply to the healthcare of Congress or the President. We need to demand true accountability for those dictating what the rest of us receive in healthcare. Congress and the President must receive the exact same “plan” that we all get, so they get to taste the fruits of their labor and feel the true pain that we all will feel!

    • I agree. Problem is we all must do a lot of things in terms of holding the government/politicians accountable …but hardly anyone does. Also …I think Dr Carson has it right – get rid of the “4th branch of government”, the lobbyists.

      Also, many of these politicians are wealthy and can afford to pay for quality healthcare. But what are they dooming the following generations in their families to?

      I am just sickened over the fact that our NJ governor, Christie has just agreed to sign on with the 3 yr gov MDCD program because when that is done – we taxpayers of NJ will be having to help pay for it and will be more than what it is now. NJ is already one of the highest taxed states in the country. And I feel the same about the other governors that are now going along with it.

      The reach of these ACA tentacles is growing every day. If only there was a way to sever their hold and cause retreat.

      ***If the press would actually DO it’s job with investigative ..unbiased reporting they would be held accountable. ha! It never would’ve gotten through in the first place. But that is water over the bridge now. What difference does it make?!
      This is totally off track – but does anyone wonder why our government has bought over 2 1/2 million hollow point bullets ( I think numbers are higher now), with open ended contracts to buy more and now 2,700.00 light armored tanks – NOT for our military , but for IN the United States of America?

      Just wondering about this – seems strange at best – alarming at worst. We should be investing that in our MILITARY. And just who will use TANKS in America and WHY? So odd.

  4. I am flabbergasted at costs. I went to UCSF for a 30 min physical therapy eval. Are you ready for the cost of this very brief eval? Sitting down? $862 but there is a 40 percent fee reduction with cash! Only $517.

  5. That wrestling dad with the short breath probably spends several times over each year on smokes and booze what he would otherwise spend on a doctor visit. It sounds to me like he’s already chosen his priorities, and sticking around for his kids is not one of them.

  6. Soooooo….dad has money for cigarettes and booze but not for medical care. Huh. Anyone else see the problem here?

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