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Dear Diary

The Hurricane Sandy coverage has me absolutely captivated. Hard to believe how much destruction occurred. Reading about all the hardships that people on the East Coast are going through right now makes me wish I could help somehow.
My brother lives in Hoboken and we weren’t able to get in touch with him until today. You always assume the worst when that happens. He still has 8 feet of water in his basement and wasn’t able to get out of the house until today. Still only spotty power in his area. He reports that much of lower Manhattan is still dark, tunnels are still flooded, and he spoke to police who said that lines of people trying to get into the city are “the worst they’ve ever seen.”
Seeing what they’re going through makes all of our problems seem so minor. Prayers to everyone going through this disaster. Keep strong and keep the faith.

Halloween is officially over. Son dressed up as a ghoul all in black and sat up in a tree scaring the kids who came to the house for candy. Said that he was taking after me, whatever that means. Little kids would come up and take candy from the bowl and he would shake a tree limb and stare at them. Some ran away without candy. While he was doing that, some guy in a clown suit with a chain saw (no chain) was walking up and down the street stopping and looking at people and freaking out all the parents. Funny, yet creepy.
Only went through 12 bags of candy this year, but we got smart and bought those giant bags of Dum Dums to mix in with the candy, so giving a few lollipops and a candy bar to kids at least made it look like they were getting more.
It was difficult getting our kids down to sleep. They all had a sugar buzz and a half eating all the candy they weren’t supposed to be eating. Son was up playing AC/DC at 10:30 on a school night. Oldest daughter didn’t have school today and she slept until noon.
The day after Halloween has also permitted me to discover that candy wrappers and lollipop sticks do not mix well with canine digestive systems. When sitting in the living room this morning wondering “what’s that smell?”, we eventually found two piles of doggie puke consisting of a mixture of Science Diet, candy bars, Laffy Taffy, candy wrappers, and lollipop sticks. Cleaning that up was enough to get me to skip breakfast. Mmmmmmm mmmmmm good.

Middle daughter just got word that her pictures were up for American Girl. She’s so excited and we’re so excited for her. I’d link to the page at American Girl web site, but don’t want them getting ticked at me. If you want to see her, go to AmericanGirl.com and go to the “Gift Guide”. She’s opening a present at the top of the page.
Oldest daughter just got her first IMDB movie credit, hopefully the first of many. She also found out that she made the basketball cheerleading squad. Good work, kiddo. Now that means I’m going to have to go to the basketball home games when I’m just not a basketball kinda guy, but that’s OK. I’ll be cheering loud for everyone.

Every year, our house becomes infested with fruit flies. I can’t figure it out. We keep fresh fruit in a fruit bowl and we give Master Oogway fruit in a dish a couple of times a week.
Side note: I never did tell everyone that the science teacher from middle school thought that we did such a good job taking care of Master Oogway during the winter that he gave Master Oogway to us at the end of the school year. “He doesn’t have long to live and I don’t want him to die in class” was the selling point. Mrs. WhiteCoat fell for that one hook, line, and meal worm. Here it is almost three years later and Mistress Oogway (we found out that she was a female) is still going strong.
Anyway, from the middle of October to the middle of November, we get infested with and dive-bombed by kamikaze insects. They’re particularly persistent and noticeable when I’m typing at the computer because they contrast well against the white background. I’m getting good at grabbing them out of mid-air with my hands, but it seems like just as soon as I get one of them, another one starts flying at my head in retaliation.
A neighbor mentioned putting out a glass of apple cider vinegar. Apparently, fruit flies are drawn to the aroma. He said to put a few drops of soap to break the surface tension so that the fruit flies go into the glass to sip the vinegar then they couldn’t float on the top and fly away. Hoooley smoley. Within 6 hours, there were like 40 of the things at the bottom of the glass. We put the glass in the microwave for 15 seconds to get more aroma out of the vinegar and after that, no more dive bombing. A couple of olfactory-challenged stragglers met with my swift hand of death, but what a difference. We’re buying bottles of apple cider vinegar for next year. Supposedly wine works just as well, but I’m not putting some brave vintner’s efforts to waste.

I saw a patient that made me sad the other day. She came in with a UTI. Burning with urination. Pretty uncomfortable. Initially she thought she had a yeast infection and she used some over the counter cream. That caused an allergic reaction and more burning to her sensitive areas. Her urine was normal and the allergic reaction was really her first herpes outbreak. This mope who told her he loved her and then dumped her a couple of weeks later gave her something that will last with her a lot longer. She was sixteen. I sat in the room and cried with the patient and her mom after telling them the bad news.
And then I think about how much we still have to teach our oldest daughter who is texting how much she loves her new boyfriend of less than a month. Nice kid and he’s making her happy so far, but you just never know.

Last but not least is another sappy dog picture. They’re waiting for me as I’m coming out of the pet store.
Treeeats? For us?


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Your kids look adorable in their Halloween costumes!

  2. Re your fruit flies google psocid flies. They’re attracted to moisture/mold, dirty drains, the smallest amount of scum which can accumulate in garbage disposal or around the legs of kitchen tables. Female lay an incredible amount of eggs in a very short period. Psocid flies tend to hop around rather than fly, and may be striped.

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