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When I got to work this morning, I had several people tell me that they wished that I was working the day before.

A little five year old girl was brought to the emergency department for suicidal and homicidal ideations – at least according to the social worker who accompanied the patient to the emergency department.

When the patient arrived, she was uncontrollable. Throwing things. Knocking over chairs and garbage cans. Trying to punch or bite anyone who came near her. All the time, the parents were just sitting there playing their little pocket electronic solitaire games and doing nothing to control their kid.

That would have been it for me. You act like an animal, I don’t care how old you are. You’re going in leather restraints. I’m not endangering my staff.

Then the kid went to the bathroom, locked herself inside, and wouldn’t come out. Security had to come with a special key to open the door.

The patient’s actions did get her prompt placement at the children’s psych hospital – where the nurses knew the patient on a first name basis.

Despite being frustrated with the way the child was acting and with how the parents were doing little to intervene, several people were giggling about what happened when the ambulance arrived.

While the EMTs were getting the patient on the stretcher, the kid was actually pretty calm. She looked at the paramedic and whispered something. The paramedic didn’t hear her, so he leaned over to ask the kid what she said.

WHAM! Right hook to the paramedic’s jaw.

I can see the report at the receiving hospital: “We hit a bump in the road construction on the way up here and the IV pole fell over and hit the kid on the head. Really.”

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  1. So bad parenting or legit psych problems? What did you think?

    • Matt
      Many child psychiatrists will tell you that true psychiatric illness, such as psychosis, is relatively rare in children. Once the child is in a structured environment, such as a hospital, their behavior improves. They are discharged back to the their unstructured environment, and deteriorate.
      Maybe the child is ill (it is difficult to tell from the info provided). But the parents playing with the electronic games is telling.

  2. Bad lawyers. They are out to destroy the family by totally attacking the productive male. Had Dad decided to spank the kid right there, lawyer written laws would have resulted in his arrest.

    This horrible mother, who spawned this devil, has every incentive to divorce the father. A high money bounty has been placed on divorce.

    Had the victim of this criminal child struck her back in self defense, the lawyer would have prosecuted him.

    The lawyer protects, immunizes, and seeks to spread pure evil. Why? It generates government jobs, including those of the mental health department. And government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the criminal cult enterprise that is the lawyer profession. Lawyers are making 99% of the policy of government, including those designed to destroy the American family by undermining the value and the authority of the productive male.

    Feminism is a hate ideology. It will be seen as analogous to the KKK. And the assumption of its correctness by the people here will disgust future generations the way lynchings attended by hundreds of decent citizens do today.

  3. “All the time, the parents were just sitting there playing their little pocket electronic solitaire games and doing nothing to control their kid.”

    An instant red flag went up for me when I read that.

    No matter what the reason ..they should’ve been doing their best to control/help/guide their child. Holding her if at all possible.

    I’m curious to know why they didn’t do anything.

    I would be doing my best to contain her with love, and apologizing to staff.

    I am so irritated and tired of people who can’t stay away from their electronics! Why is every call and text alert so important that they will risk lives while driving, ignore their kids, family and friends? I have adult friends that make me crazy with it. One tells me how she gets woken up with text messages at 3 am because the phone lights up and the sound.

    I don’t text. I don’t want to. I can see the benefit when it’s important and you can’t call or they can’t receive a call. So I would for that. I think it’s great that my friend ..watching her grandson was able to text his mother ..a teacher while she was working.

    But using those things when it could put people at risk …idiots ..all of them.

    Dateline had a segment on tonight in which they interviewed young children about their parents cell phone/texting. All the children expressed their dislike. Some felt that they weren’t important to their parents. And when asked if they drive and use phones they said yes.

    Then they set it up so that the interviewer would get a phone call and then text ..and all the kids were visibly annoyed by the interruption and then the kids got out of control ..while she continued with her phone.

    It was also pointed out that these kids are learning the behaviors the parents are modeling.

    The parents were watching the entire discussion. Some parents looked visibly concerned/sad when seeing their child’s reactions. When asked if they would modify their cell phone use ..most raised their hands that they would. I could not believe one woman showed no remorse and did not raise her hand. maybe there were others ..but I was fixated on her.

    Oh WC .. I disagree with you somewhat. I think you should put the parents in restraints and put their phones on the tray next to their beds. Close ..yet so far. :)

  4. I’m a believer in the hit-em-with-a-wrench policy (or spank ’em if you prefer). Not needed for a lot of kids but some just need to have a fear of god put into them to straighten them out enough to even begin to put them on the right track. Can’t do anything though if the parents aren’t mature enough to be parents in the first place.

  5. Sad case.

    Yes, the child needed to be in restraints. But the culprits were sitting right there.

    I remember seeing a young mother in the park with her child on a leash (literally – a harness with a long ribbon, in my mind more appropriate for a dog). Child was yelling and yanking on the leash, mother was busy jabbering away on the phone ignoring the child.

    Could be the same child and one of the parents.

  6. TARL …OMG!

    What adult wouldn’t be frustrated on a leash and ignored by the significant person in their life?!

    I have heard of child leashes and I am not saying never use them ..but I would not want to. maybe if crazy crowded area. No ..because then I would not want to risk someone could undo them and take them.


    That seen you describe both breaks my heart and infuriates me. And just how will children turn out when they constantly get the message that the electronics/communications are more important then them? And again ..they will most likely parrot the parent’s behavior.

    This is fast becoming a pet peeve for me. More than anything annoying I can think of …because a. it can be dangerous and bring swift ..irreversible harm to the caller and anyone affected by their irresponsibility.

    B. because of the long term consequences of continually ignoring your children for the next phone alert, texting/talking that they simply must do right now.

    I’ve said this before, but I get so frustrated and concerned for safety ..when I look to see how many people are on their phones and driving. And that’s just talking. Texting … while driving is borderline causing time to feel apoplectic!

    And just what will it take for people to stop?
    Why is it so hard for people to turn the phone off or toss it in the back seat so they don’t answer it and then when they get to their destination or pull over ..answer it?

    And here is a novel idea… just imagine not being a slave to the phone …imagine being out ..on your own with no interruptions and being able to appreciate quality private time.

    And I love having a cell phone and being able to reach people you otherwise could not. But not at the expense of anyone’s safety. I especially love that kids and parents can remain in contact. And obviously for emergencies.

    I just abhor that people are put in danger because of cell phone, crackberry abuse and children get ignored.

  7. An argument for birth control.

  8. These same parents probably had every pre-natal test to ensure that little Damienne was perfect, and if any test had suggested otherwise they would have aborted her. As well as fearing the results of a generation growing up ignored, I fear the results of a generation growing up knowing that they were considered disposible if not perfect.

    Put the two together….?

  9. $20000 says that Daddy hits Mommy.

  10. Wow…. Nature vs. nurture. Before I worked with the developmentally disabled I would have 100% blamed the parents. It sounds like they are winners…but I’ve seen really scary behavior in young people with severe disabilities. I have seen some out of control kids with decent parents. But that looks like discreet explosive tantrums… However, the Most severe behavior does seem to be with kids with disabilities with bad or clueless parents

  11. Really sad. i think i saw this movie. It was called “Orphan”. Check out the trailer.

  12. Sorry, blaming the electronics is crap and if you think back to your own childhood you ought to realize that.

    At some point the child’s complaints just become noise and it gets tuned out. It doesn’t matter what distractions are available (or even no distraction at all).

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