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Bosch Dishwasher E 25 Error Message

This is a completely non-medical post that will be of no interest to 99% of the regular readers of this blog (maybe a little interest if you want to see how I fixed my dishwasher), but I wanted to put it up for the search engines to help anyone try to fix had the same problem that ate up a few hours of my day.

When our previous dishwasher died on us last year, we spent a little more money on a Bosch dishwasher. So far, haven’t had too many complaints about it. On the pro side, it is quiet and it gets the dishes quite clean. There also isn’t a water jet spinning around above the top rack, so you can fit larger items up there. On the con side, there isn’t as much space for plates on the bottom. We have trouble fitting a day’s worth of dishes from our 6 person family inside. And there’s no way you’ll get a large pan in there unless you take up the whole upper rack. So I wouldn’t recommend a Bosch dishwasher for a larger family.
The warranty on our dishwasher was for 12 months. Unfortunately, a problem developed at 15 months. Every time the dishwasher started up, it would run for a little while, then it would stop and flash an “E:25” error message.
Mrs. WhiteCoat called the service line. The “E:25” code meant that there was an outflow blockage of some sort. For a minimum $125 charge (not including parts and labor) they could send a technician out in about 5 days.
I like working with cars and other mechanical things, so when I got home from work, I figured that I would take the dishwasher apart and see if I could figure out what was wrong.
I pulled apart the drainage apparatus from inside the dishwasher. There was a lot of sludge and debris there. That could be blocking the flow of water. Mental note to clean that stuff out more often. Cleaned everything out and reassembled the drainage apparatus and started the dishwasher. Still got the same error message.
So I *turned off the electricity to the dishwasher at the breaker box first*, then I pulled the dishwasher out from under the counter. In the pictures, the dishwasher is laying on its right side. I removed the clamp on the drainage hose and let the water inside drain into a plastic bowl. Then I tried blowing through the drainage hose, figuring that if there was a blockage between the hose and the sink, I wouldn’t be able to blow air through it. Air went through the hose fine. I put my hand around the edge of the hose so I wasn’t getting slime in my mouth and it still didn’t taste very good, but air went through the hose fine. So I knew that the problem was with the drainage motor or the impeller.
I pulled off the drainage motor by prying up a couple of clamps on the side and twisting the housing. Inside, I found the problem. There was a chip from a piece of a plate stuck in the drain.
I pulled out the chip, reassembled the drainage motor assembly, turned back on the electricity, and ran the dishwasher through a cycle. No more error message. The chip from the plate was too large to pass through the drainage pipe and was either causing the water to back up or it was blocking the impeller and keeping it from spinning.
Hopefully this little description helps someone else out there. If so, please leave a comment in the comment section.


  1. I had the same error on day 2 of use of my brand new Bosch washer. Cleaned out the trap, where “somehow” a piece of chicken had become lodged. Worked just fine afterwards. Re-iterated need to clean large debris from dishes with family meeting…

    • We had an E25 error code and an E01 yesterday. I saw your information and when our contractor came ( who is also a friend) we showed him your diagram and we found a sliver of a chicken bone in the trap. He didn’t charge us and since it is Christmas saved us a lot of money. We bought the Bosch after a year of me researching. Our old dishwasher fried and I refused to settle. So I was upset that after a year and a half it wasn’t giving us problems.
      We are going to be really sure everything is rinsed of the plates from now on.
      Thank you so much for your detailed information!

  2. For me, this reiterates the need to not be penny-wise pound foolish.

    Get a dish washer with an on-board macerator.

  3. This is the best post out of all the DIY and “How to” websites for information on how to fix this error message. You just saved me $110 on a service call with your great pictures. Quit medicine and do online appliance repair tutorials.

  4. Worked like a charm… pulled a piece of glass out of the impeller. Thanks for the great advice – I probably would have just bought a new washer!

  5. My Bosch dishwasher model # she3arf5uc came up with error code 24. checked all the how do it web sites and this was a great help. I took the drain hose off under the sink, took the filters off in the bottom of the machine, removed the impeller cover, took my air compressor and blew air back to the dishwasher. I left water in the washer so I knew the line was free from the sound of bubbles. put everything back and works fine. I live in a small town and a service call is more money to drive out here…..got to love the internet.

  6. Many thanks. I removed the front kick panel and I was able to reach underneath and disengage the drain motor as you described, without having to disconnect and pull the dishwasher out. And after some hunting around I found a piece of clear glass.

    Before I went that far I followed the steps in the Bosch service video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfw3vliCf4c. This allows you to clear the impeller from accessing the tub of the dishwasher. However, I could not see the piece of glass to remove it like in the video. I even went in with some long nose pliers hoping I could find the problem.

    So in the end, your video was a huge timesaver.

    • I reported earlier that removing a piece of glass from the drain pump solved my problem. It wasn’t the entire problem. The dishwasher worked intermittently. Sometimes it would get through a shorter wash cycle and sometimes the E25 error would return. But I couldn’t find an object like a piece of glass that was interfering with the pump.
      Also, during the wash cycle when it came time to drain the tub, I could hear the pump start then stop one or two times. It would either then drain or give me the dreaded e25 error.
      Finally, I removed the drain pump and disconnected the power cable to it. On close inspection, I noticed something tightly wrapped around the axle between the impeller and the motor -even though the impeller was still moveable. I cut through the stuff with a knife (it was a piece of an elastic band from vegetables or meat or something that made its way past the screen).
      Once that was removed, I reinstalled the motor and so far the dishwasher is operational.
      My theory is that the elastic junk was impeding the motor enough (but intermittently) to send feedback to the controller board that there was a blockage. We’ll see. If you don’t hear from me again, then that was it.

      Sorry to mess up your medical blog with this, but it was the best collection of info on the E25 topic. Bocsh’s site and manual was worthless for this.

      • You’re definitely not messing up my blog. I made the post to help other people with the same problem.
        Sounds like the piece of plastic was tamping down on the impeller speed and having an adverse effect on the flow of water. Good for you for picking up on it. I’m not sure I would have even caught that one.
        I’m glad to hear the post helped you out.

    • Thank you so much. I’ll a single Mum but always willing to give it a go, especially if it saves me a dollar, worked a treat. Although I do agree with the voice over, I cut my thumb on a glass that was blocking the pump.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! We just bought the dishwasher in January, so didn’t think it could be a mechanical problem. I was able to vacuum one out after elevating and balancing it on the edge of the drain. The other chip was lodged in the impeller. I dislodged it but then couldn’t find it. We had to keep running the Rinse cycle to see if it would drain. I had to bail out the dishwasher 5 times before final success. I am amazed that (1) Bosch doesn’t include the error numbers in their documentation, (2) the diagram showing you how to remove the pump cover is TERRIBLE, and (3) the installer mentioned nothing about this potential problem. This is the first Bosch I’ve had and the first dishwasher I’ve had with this filter style, so it never entered my mind when my husband broke a vase trying to take it out of the dishwasher that it could lead to a problem. The breakage was at least a couple of weeks before the blockage. Next time we break something, I will vacuum thoroughly before running the dishwasher. Ditto for any chipped dishes. Thanks again!

  8. Your post was a godsend. It was a piece of glass. Thank you.

  9. Well our Bosch started grinding yesterday and showed the E:25 error code only 9 months since purchased. I followed your instructions and found no chips or bones everything was clean and looked new. I used my wet vac to suction out the drain lines. Put it back together since I pulled it out and flipped upside down to work on it. It’s working fine but the feet reset, I had the hardest time getting the unit level as i’m not sure how to level the inboard feet without taking the unit back out.

  10. Thanks for doing this. Comments very helpful too, especially one that suggested the Bosch youtube video about clearing the impeller. It worked!

  11. This was a helpful posting because it led me to attempt blowing air through the drain hose. I bought a Bosch 300 Series dishwasher (model SHE53TF5UC), installed it and got an error E:24 which the tech support folks told me was something to do with the drain pump. I went through all the steps that Bosch recommended to make sure there was no debris, although that would be unlikely on a brand new dishwasher. Finally, I tried blowing out the house and discovered I could *not* blow air through it. To make a long story short, I figured out that the disposal I was hooking the dishwasher up to had not ever had a dishwasher hooked up to it and therefore still had a seal inside the dishwasher connection that needed to be punched out with a screwdriver. Essentially, I was hooking up the dishwasher to a disposal that still had a seal inside the dishwasher connection. I punched out the seal (which was a pain because then I had to get the piece out of the disposal), and then the dishwasher worked fine. Woohoo!

  12. Thanks, doc! You saved me hundreds of dollars, easy as pie – and once again, the offending obstruction was a tiny piece of wine glass.

  13. You can actually access the drain pump impeller are from inside the unit, no need to uninstall it from the cabinet and get underneath. I do it all the time as an appliance technician. The other one that happens from time to time is when someone has a new garbage disposal installed, and the dishwasher drains into the disposal. Many times, whoever is doing the install forgets to remove the drain knock-out before hooking up the dishwasher drain hose- you end up with the same problem.

  14. This helped a great bit. The video in the comments helped finish the job but this was awesome and just enough to give me hope I could fix it.

    Broken glass in the trap and stuck in the impeller was the trick.

    Thank you very much.

  15. Dear Dr. Whitecoat:

    Thank you so much for the advice on the dishwasher and the instructions > found a piece of glass in the motor, removed it and presto all is good.

    Mark :)

  16. Great advice! great pictures! You made it very easy to fix. (I didn’t even have to pull the dishwasher all the way out). Found a piece of glass in the impeller. My wife reported having broken a glass in there earlier this week. Why can’t Bosch do this good a job with pics and solutions? Nice work!

  17. You rock!! Thank you so much.

  18. Thank you! Clearing the debris inside the dishwasher worked. Nowhere in the owners manual did it mention E:25

  19. Getting the e25 code almost every cycle. Removed pump and found a piece of glass initially. It worked a little while but started giving e25 code again. Checked the pump several times and its clear. Blew air through Drain hose and it is clear as well. Any suggestions on what to try next would be appreciated. Is there any test mode that would jog the pump on manually? Model shx4atf5uc.

    • I’m not a repairman, but the error code means that there is an outflow blockage somewhere. If the pathway for the water is clear, then possibly the impeller or motor is bad? If that isn’t it, you’re probably stuck calling a repairman or – if the repairman coming to the house is too expensive – consider getting a new machine. Ours was in the $400 range.

  20. I am that 1%………… I called a plumber as I am not Ms. Fix-it. He pulled the dishwasher all the way out and there was a small piece of a bowl. Funny thing is that I noticed the bowl cracked about half a year ago. Anyway, TY for being so kind as to post this online. You surely helped!

  21. As soon as I twisted the impeller loose I found a rubber band wrapped around the turning blade and also a chip of glass! Crazy easy fix!! Thank you for sharing!!

  22. This blog and comments provides great information and details for resolving the E:25 problem. I first looked inside the tub underneath the filter, Having removed the white pump cover, I found a lemon seed in a small channel going to the pump. (See the Bosch service video’s youtube video mentioned in Tony M’s post, above). After removing the seed and reinstalling the pump cover and filter, a scratching/grinding noise with the E:25 error appeared when the pump ran.

    Following Tony M’s approach I could not get to the drainage motor from the front under the kick panel. So, I pulled the dishwasher out from under the counter and laid it on its back. Referring to Dr. W’s excellent photos taken with the unit laying on its side (offset 90 degrees from my view), I located the pump motor assembly. The only tricky part was unlatching the clamp on the motor housing to allow the assembly to be removed from the drainage port. (Keep the electrical contacts on the housing aligned with the motor’s).

    Sure enough, inside the port, I found a small, broken piece of glass. There were scratches in the port, but the impeller on the motor appeared to be fine. After re-assembling everything, the dishwasher ran great. Problem solved!

    Thank you Dr. W and others for your po

  23. Just bought a Bosch. Installed it last week as a matter of fact. I’m bookmarking this page to my ‘Defiant appliances’ folder.

  24. thank you – thank you – thank you Dr Whitecoat! Your article led me to investigate the filter opening closer. And after removing a few small shards of broken glass, the machine continued its wash cycle.

  25. Thank you for posting this. Bosch provides little technical support as they seem to prefer supporting professionals. I respect this, but when the local authorized guy says he will be out in a week and a half, my family blanches at the thought of that many manual dishwashing loads.

    Please note, however, that the clip can also be a problem. Please see note # 58300000150815_ABZ_EN_A from Bosch, dated 7/2/2010 stating that if the clip is loose, it will cause a false E:25 alarm on draining. This compounded our problem until I stumbled across that bulletin from the manufacturer.

    Best regards!

    • Mr. Thompson, my wife and I were wrestling with error codes E24 and E25, your link to the Bosch appliance bulletin was very helpful, thank you. During my troubleshooting I had left the drain pump cover off after cleaning and clearing the pump and drain hose. Huge help, thanks again!!

  26. Hi Doc, you nailed it!! Found a shard of glass. Champion!!

  27. Thank you so much for this blog. It saved me a lot of time and energy locating the reason for the error code. I was able to clean all the filters on my own and left rest of the work for my husband to do when he got in from work. It saved him time just being able to identify the problem before he got home. After reading your blog and watching a quick YouTube video I saw this as a relatively easy fix for the error though my husband was able to go in through the bottom filter to find the piece of glass. I have never had a dish break or chip in the dishwasher in the five years we have had it. After reading all the comments where people say it was a piece of glass that was causing the issue it makes me think there was a error at the factory that makes these dishwashers. Thanks again for posting this blog!

  28. Best hint ever. Came back from a business trip and my wife had already cleaned out the filter. I know we had a few glasses break so I though it might be a similar issue with a piece of broken glass. I actually removed the impeller without moving the dishwasher. Just take off the bottom panel and you can get to it. After 5 min the job was one. Worked like a charm.

  29. WoW Great!! Thanks for posting this, you saved me a wad of cash for 1 hour work

  30. Having this same problem today. Looking forward to fixing it ourselves. Thanks!

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