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Bosch Dishwasher E 25 Error Message

This is a completely non-medical post that will be of no interest to 99% of the regular readers of this blog (maybe a little interest if you want to see how I fixed my dishwasher), but I wanted to put it up for the search engines to help anyone try to fix had the same problem that ate up a few hours of my day.

When our previous dishwasher died on us last year, we spent a little more money on a Bosch dishwasher. So far, haven’t had too many complaints about it. On the pro side, it is quiet and it gets the dishes quite clean. There also isn’t a water jet spinning around above the top rack, so you can fit larger items up there. On the con side, there isn’t as much space for plates on the bottom. We have trouble fitting a day’s worth of dishes from our 6 person family inside. And there’s no way you’ll get a large pan in there unless you take up the whole upper rack. So I wouldn’t recommend a Bosch dishwasher for a larger family.
The warranty on our dishwasher was for 12 months. Unfortunately, a problem developed at 15 months. Every time the dishwasher started up, it would run for a little while, then it would stop and flash an “E:25” error message.
Mrs. WhiteCoat called the service line. The “E:25” code meant that there was an outflow blockage of some sort. For a minimum $125 charge (not including parts and labor) they could send a technician out in about 5 days.
I like working with cars and other mechanical things, so when I got home from work, I figured that I would take the dishwasher apart and see if I could figure out what was wrong.
I pulled apart the drainage apparatus from inside the dishwasher. There was a lot of sludge and debris there. That could be blocking the flow of water. Mental note to clean that stuff out more often. Cleaned everything out and reassembled the drainage apparatus and started the dishwasher. Still got the same error message.
So I *turned off the electricity to the dishwasher at the breaker box first*, then I pulled the dishwasher out from under the counter. In the pictures, the dishwasher is laying on its right side. I removed the clamp on the drainage hose and let the water inside drain into a plastic bowl. Then I tried blowing through the drainage hose, figuring that if there was a blockage between the hose and the sink, I wouldn’t be able to blow air through it. Air went through the hose fine. I put my hand around the edge of the hose so I wasn’t getting slime in my mouth and it still didn’t taste very good, but air went through the hose fine. So I knew that the problem was with the drainage motor or the impeller.
I pulled off the drainage motor by prying up a couple of clamps on the side and twisting the housing. Inside, I found the problem. There was a chip from a piece of a plate stuck in the drain.
I pulled out the chip, reassembled the drainage motor assembly, turned back on the electricity, and ran the dishwasher through a cycle. No more error message. The chip from the plate was too large to pass through the drainage pipe and was either causing the water to back up or it was blocking the impeller and keeping it from spinning.
Hopefully this little description helps someone else out there. If so, please leave a comment in the comment section.


  1. I did not write a email wanting anything done.

  2. Thanks, Dr. Whitecoat. Thanks to you, I discovered I had similar problem. I was able to reach the impeller and discovered the prong of a plastic fork jamming it up.

    V. Williams, MD

  3. My dishwasher was acting up last night. It wouldn’t cycle and would constantly beep when the door was closed. From inside the dishwasher, I took the filter off and found a grape stem in the pump impeller. It worked fine afterward for one cycle.

    Now today it refuses to cycle again and now gives the E:25 code. I will take it one step further and take it apart from the bottom like you have and hopefully find a similar problem to yours.

    Thanks for the help and the pictures!

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