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Better With Vomiting

A 3 year old was brought to the emergency department for persistent vomiting.

He was seen in the emergency department a couple of days beforehand, was treated, and released. He still looked well-hydrated and the mom said that she had run out of the medication he had been given. So we looked in the old records to find out what medication he was given and found this entry for the history of present illness:

Mother states he has had a fever of 101-102 for the last two days. He vomited this morning. He has drank some on the way here. She states he is acting better now.

And all I could think of was the video below that is in one of my son’s saved video compilations.  I wasn’t going to link to it initially, but then, eh, it reminds me of college and I have a sick sense of humor.

***WARNING ***

This video is disgusting. Do not watch it if you have a weak stomach or if you are drinking beer or planning to drink beer.

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  1. Guess he was wasted. I hope so anyway. Yuk. This might have grossed me out in the past but with the daily news that we are barraged with …this pales in comparison.

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