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Best and Worst States to Practice Medicine

Florida Worst State to Practice MedicineMedscape did a survey and some research and came up with a list of the best and worst states in which to practice medicine. You can find the entire presentation at this link, but if you don’t want to create an account at Medscape to view the information, a summary of what they came up with was below.

Doctors by far most valued a comfortable living environment in making their decisions where to practice. Other important factors in the decision included proximity of family and friends, climate, job opportunities, and malpractice climate, insurance mix, physician density, medical board activity, and tax burden.

Best States to Practice Medicine

In the Southwest and South Central regions, Texas was recommended as having low physician density, low cost of living, and few malpractice claims per capita, but these positives were offset by the increased health system burden of the uninsured patients and by the hot weather in Texas.

In the West and Northwest regions, Idaho was recommended for its low cost of living, nonlitigious climate and good housing market. Downsides to Idaho included the dominance of two main health systems in the state and the lower than average number of registered nurses.

In the Southeast, Tennessee got the nod for higher than average compensation, no state income tax and a mild climate. However, there was a high density of physicians in Tennessee and its school systems are ranked 42 out of 59 in the country.

In the Mid-Atlantic, Virginia came out on top for its moderate cost of living, moderate physician density, favorable malpractice climate, low tax burden, and good quality of life. However, the compensation was the second lowest in any region.

In the Midwest, Indiana was rated tops for its excellent compensation, low cost of living, low malpractice payouts and balanced lifestyles. On the down side, there isn’t as much nearby access to urban centers if that is important to you.

In the Northeast, New Hampshire has great schools, comparably low cost of living for the region, a relatively low tax burden, and good nursing/PA support. However, the compensation in the Northeast is lowest in the country and the climate is cold.

Worst States to Practice Medicine

Worst states to practice medicine included Nevada, Hawaii, Maryland, Illinois, Connecticut, and … FLORIDA. Big surprise there.

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