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Are You Better Than 83% of Radiologists?

Fascinating study about missing obvious findings on CT studies, based on another study about selective attention. In the cited study, 83% of radiologists missed the abnormal findings on the first CT image.

Don’t ruin it for anyone else, but how many of you caught all the abnormalities on the CT scan below? For those who aren’t used to looking at chest CT scans, I included a fairly “normal” CT chest cross section (except for the small nodule) at approximately the same level on the bottom for comparison (credit here).

Abnormal CT



  1. Well, I found the gorilla…

  2. OMg, delete my comment, I am stupid. >.<

  3. Gorilla cancer lesion!

  4. How did Bigfoot get in there??
    That’s just silly.

  5. I saw this on another website and missed the “abnormal” finding until I read the caption under the picture. It’s a very interesting study.

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