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Dr. WhiteCoatAbout this blog
This is a medical blog. I write about my experiences in the emergency department, my experiences at home, my thoughts about medical news, and my views on healthcare policy.
The biggest reason that I continue to write this blog is that I enjoy the dialogue and the comments generated. I’m the first one to liven up the conversations by poking fun at someone’s comments, but I’m quickly going to douse any ad hominem attacks or flame wars. Challenge the assertions someone makes, but don’t personally attack the person making them. Comments that are out of line may be moderated or deleted.
If you’d like to do a guest post that is pertinent to the material on this blog, I’d be happy to consider it. I’m not interested in linkback schemes, though, so don’t ask.

About WhiteCoat …
I’m a practicing emergency physician. When I’m not at the computer, I spend a lot of time with my family. I have an amazing wife who willingly puts up with all of my idiosyncrasies and four great kids who don’t have any choice. My family is my rock.
I enjoy martial arts, photography, writing, and generalized computer geekery. I’ve published many articles and I’ve been quoted in local and national press outside of this blog.

Terms of Us
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I’m very laid back about other people using the content on this blog. If you want to use a post or picture on this blog for educational or other non-commercial purposes, you’re welcome to do so. Just link back here and cite this blog as your source. If you want to use content on this blog for commercial purposes, ask first. I’m sure that we’ll be able to work something out.
What I’m not OK with is stealing content. Want to post all of the content from the blog somewhere else to drive traffic to your site? That’s not OK.
You may see ads or affiliate links displayed on this site. Income from these sources helps pay for the costs of creating and maintaining this site and helps to remunerate the people who create content for this site. We very much appreciate our advertisers for supporting this site, but want readers to know that ads and affiliate links do not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the products, services, or sites to which the links refer.
If you are interested in advertising on this website, please contact me at the address below.
Privacy matters
Your privacy
Any time that you visit any web site, it is likely that your IP address is somehow recorded. I can’t control this. This site or any of its advertisers may collect personal information about you, including your IP address and your e-mail address (if you provide it). This site may use the limited personal information it may collect about you in any legally permissible manner. If you want me to delete any personal information about you, e-mail me.
Patient privacy
If you think there is any similarity between you and a patient on this web site, it isn’t you. I receive some patient stories from other sources. I may or may not change the age, sex, or complaints of the patients I write about. The 70 year old grandma with a hip fracture may really be a 16 year old star high school football player who skinned his knee. This web site is for entertainment purposes. I may change some of the things that patients say or do for entertainment value. I repeat: It isn’t you that is being written about.
I encourage people to comment on my posts and to engage in debate with other readers. By submitting comments on this blog, you grant me unlimited permission to use those comments in the future.
You are also responsible for what you write. Even if I delete a comment, it may have already been reproduced somewhere else. Avoid making defamatory statements. Think before you hit the “Submit” button.
This is
Although I try to help people by posting some of the things I write, don’t take anything written here as advice. Before reading any material on this site, you or any entity representing you (collectively referred to as “you”) agree not to rely upon any statement whatsoever on this site without thoroughly researching the issues and coming to your own conclusions about the matters. Remember: No one here is your doctor and you aren’t the patient of anyone who posts or comments on this site. Period.
Should you choose to file any legal action against this web site or against anyone associated with this web site for any reason, you agree that if you prevail in your legal action, you are entitled to liquidated damages of $5.25 (five dollars and twenty five cents) and are entitled to no other relief of any kind.
Specifically, you agree that by entering this web site or using the information contained on this web site, even if published elsewhere, you irrevocably waive any legal claims for attorneys fees, costs, or equitable relief. If you do not prevail in your legal action, you agree to indemnify the owner(s) of this web site for all costs related to your legal action, including but not limited to travel costs, attorneys’ fees, and court costs. Given your indemnification agreement, you also agree that as a prerequisite to filing any legal action against this web site or its owner(s), you will post bond in the amount of $100,000 to cover the potential costs associated with such indemnification. Upon request, you agree to immediately dismiss with prejudice any legal action filed without the aforementioned bond.
If you violate any terms in this “Non-reliance” section, you agree that the owner(s) of this web site are entitled to a judgment against you for breach of contract and agree to pay the owner(s) of this site $100,000 in liquidated damages.
By using this web site or the information contained in the web site, you agree that the terms contained in this “Non-reliance” section are reasonable and that your only remedy if you believe the terms are unreasonable is to exit the site immediately and to never use the web site or any information contained in the web site now or in the future.

Contact Info
Write me atcontact  if you’re so inclined.
I don’t check this e-mail address every day, so don’t expect an immediate reply.

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