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Healthcare Update — 12-19-2011

VA hospital settles claim for $275,000 after leaving two “SmamWow” 14×11 sized towels in patient’s abdomen after surgery. Isn’t that some kind of “never event” according to … the agency that runs the VA hospitals?

In 2010, dental problems caused 115,000 emergency department visits in Florida alone. That’s about 0.1% of all the emergency department visits in the whole country.

Illinois psychiatric patient waiting in emergency department for 6 hours becomes agitated and combative prior to being transported to room. When restrained, becomes unresponsive and dies. Preliminary cause of death is “excited delirium.”

Money well spent? Medicare has forked over nearly a quarter BILLION dollars in the past 10 years for … external penis pumps. That doesn’t even include implantable devices or pills like Viagra.

As North Dakota oil industry booms, so does medical care. Doctor appointments are not available for several months, the wait time in the emergency department has doubled, orthopedic surgeries have tripled, oh yeah, and STDs have reached an all-time high as well.
When waitresses in the area make $100/hour including tips and nurses … don’t, one nurse also considers whether to stay in health care.

Good ruling or not? Ohio Supreme Court rules that medical malpractice claims must be supported by expert testimony before they can proceed to trial. Although the issue in the case was whether informed consent claims are considered medical malpractice claims for purposes of the law, were a lot of attorneys trying to win med mal trials without medical expert testimony before the ruling?

Patients gone wild? Texas man walks into emergency department, says that he’s “taken something” and then passes out. Then wakes up and begins fighting throwing punches. After staff undressed him and called the police, they found a bleeding chest wound as well.

New Zealand hospital says “enough is enough.” Patients who abuse medical staff will be prosecuted.

Visitors gone wild? Vancouver perv walks into patient room and sexually assaults patient waiting to be checked for pelvic pain. Later arrested and charged. Patient plans to sue hospital for letting the man walk through the emergency department.

Personally, I’ll take my chances with the nasal washes. Two Louisiana people die from amoebic meningoencephalitis after irrigating nasal cavities with Neti Pot.

Get your flu shot before its too late. Montreal Children’s Hospital has been seeing 80-90 additional patients each day due to influenza and other respiratory illnesses.

More Medicare patients are going in for their “free” annual physicals under new health care reform law. However, as Michael Cannon from the Cato Institute notes, there is no such thing as a “free” lunch. In other words, current taxpayers are picking up the tab for the “free” physicals.

I’d feel a little unsafe watching eight little same-aged kids running around the mall. Court rejects fertility doctor’s appeal to have his medical license reinstated. Doc who made “Octomom” famous loses license after medical board concluded that revocation of license was “necessary to protect the public.”

No, this isn’t a drive through emergency department. In a scene straight out of the first Terminator movie, an Australian teen drives his car straight through an emergency department wall, bursting a water main.

Spirited medical malpractice debate takes place over at Point of Law. Ted Frank hits a home run dispelling a visiting professor’s regurgitated trial lawyer claim that lack of the threat of medical malpractice makes sloppy doctors.
“Professor Svorny’s students are not allowed to sue her for any alleged educational malpractice, another cap of zero. I trust that Svorny’s lack of incentives created by liability do not reduce her efforts in teaching ….”

Illinois hospital/surgeon settle malpractice case for $17.5 million after patient suffers multi-system organ failure and other complications after hernia surgery.


  1. I’d be interested to know whether making physicals free has increased the number of people who get them. Seems like that would be a relevant fact to report.

    I sure am glad that they got an expert to remind us that taxpayers pay for Medicare, though. But they should have also mentioned that fire is hot and water is wet. We do tend to forget these things.

  2. The Medicare Physical is a total joke. It can literally be done and all requirements met without touching the patient or discussing any of their medical problems at all.

  3. I am amazed that the number of dental presentations was that low. In our area they count for up to 3%. Meth mouth abcesses.

  4. Does the ruling in Ohio say that the expert must be in the same field of practice and area?

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